Our Initiatives

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Corporate Sustainable Investor Report (CSIR)

CSIR aims to showcase social accountability practices/impact of companies in Nigeria and present the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, community development projects and approach to environmental sustainability.

Good Citizen

The Good Citizen Initiative is an idea birthed by CSR-in-Action Advocacy to undertake initiatives which encourage and advance individual contribution to national development through value reorientation.


Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI)

The SITEI conference is an annual workshop, established and organised by CSR-in-Action, to bring together key stakeholders to discuss critical issues in the industries and stimulate meaningful exchange of ideas and best practises among key stakeholder groups and industry experts.

Other initiatives

Community Engagement Standards

CSR-in-Action was engaged to carry out interventions that would lead to a reduction in oil loss from refinery operations and oil theft.

CSO Professionalism and Effectiveness Therapy Workshop (C-PET)

In September 2015, Access Bank and the CSR-in- Action entered an agreement to develop capacity for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Nigeria; to train at least 1000 CSOs by 2016.