GRI 2019 Open Call for Nominations

GRI’s Independent Appointments Committee (IAC) and GRI’s Nominating Committee (GNC) are seeking your assistance in identifying potential candidates of high integrity and relevant experience to apply to join one of the following five bodies, for 3 year terms, commencing 1 January 2020:

  • GRI Board of Directors (Board): the final decision-making authority for GRI’s governance and long-term strategy
  • Stakeholder Council (SC): the multi-stakeholder forum that advises the Board on strategic issues and business planning
  • Independent Appointments Committee (IAC): the decision maker for the membership of GRI’s standard-setting bodies join its Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) and the Due Process Oversight Committee
  • Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB): the independent entity with sole responsibility for developing and implementing the GRI Standards
  • Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC): the independent body ensuring the integrity of all activities related to the setting of the GRI Standards

Interested individuals can find the profiles and the necessary Nomination Form on the weblinks provided above. In addition to these completed forms, candidates may be asked to arrange for a signed Employer Statement indicating their employer is aware and approves of the time commitment and costs associated with membership on one of GRI’s governance bodies.

All questions, expressions of interest and duly completed Nomination Forms (and Employer statement) can be directed to GRI Governance Relations Team at

Please note the deadlines for submitting applications:

  • GSSB and DPOC: 30 June 2019, midnight CEST.
  • Board, SC and IAC: 12 July 2019, midnight CEST.

Feel free to repost this Tweet and/or LinkedIn post on your own social media accounts or reach out to a personal contact who may be interested in joining a GRI Governance Body.

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