Hi guys! Hi! It’s a happy Friday for me. I hope it is for you? This is Bekeme on The Good Citizen Show. I hope you’ve been great fantastic citizens of Nigeria this week.

You know, today is a great day. The past couple of weeks have been really scary. Shall I say the past week? Many of us have been listening and reading; what has been happening? In fact, the day that I heard about this death, I actually was watching CNN as well and I was just watching this horrific incident as well.

But today, we are talking about Sylvester Oromoni. How do we manage the death of Sylvester Oromoni and Ojodu 20? I know that the numbers are not searching as yet, some people have said 15. Some people have said 17. Some people have said over 20. But the important thing is that our society is losing its young. You know, for many of us who have been watching the trend; we’ve been losing our youths to all sorts of things. We’ve been losing our youth to immigration. We’ve been losing our youths to drug addiction. We’ve been losing our youths to all sorts of things. And so, to think that we will then lose our youths through something as innocuous as education, I think it has been the biggest fear for everyone.

So, there we were just sitting, minding our business when news started going around that a young boy, a 12-year-old, I believe year 7 students at the popular boarding school in Lekki Phase 1 – Dowen College – had died. Obviously, he came to our consciousness because a cousin of his has gone on to social media to announce his death, and to announce the fact that he had identified 5 other students as having been the cause of his death. Now, from what we’ve been reading, about four of them were in SS1 while the 5th was in SS2. Meaning they were purported “senior boys”. One of the boys is claimed to be one of the ex-senators, Buruji Kashamu, and the other has been listed as having been involved in all sorts of things. One of the pieces of news that we read recently was that one of them, with his name, starting with an “I”, I am not going to call their names because they are young people. A father wrote recently that the same sort of thing happened to his son in the hands of one other young person who lives in Oniru. So, it feels like it’s a trend.

(Call comes in and ends abruptly)

We were going to get a call. We just lost that call. Do call back, I think that I should have announced it from the beginning because this is actually an interactive show. This is an endemic situation in our society, and we need to discuss ways of curbing these issues.

The number to call is 0700-929-923-923. Again, it’s 0700-923-923-923.

You’re listening to The Good Citizen where we discussed citizenship challenges and solutions to some of the challenges we face as a country.

Apparently, one of these youngsters had done this to another man’s son. He says that this boy was taken to that child’s house and brutalised. And he had to take his son, he had to fly his son aboard, to the UK for 6 months for treatment. He reported this matter to the school. He reported this matter to the Lagos State Police Command I believe and apparently the case was assigned to an officer who then, according to him, alleges there was probably some corruption involved, this officer is now speaking with the two sides of his mouths.

Now what this points to is really a strong decay in parenting. It leads to the issue that we’ve always known is a major challenge in our country – the issue of accountability.

And brings me to the youngsters who die along Ojodu Berger road. Now, I don’t know what had happened with the driver of that truck who sent those innocent lovely children to their death so early. But what tends to happen in this kind of situation is that nothing much is done. I mean, you know, there is a lot of talks, people are aghast. People shout and then before you know it, when nobody is watching, you know, nobody is held accountable for it. So, I want us to call in to have a discussion around how people can be better behaved, and I think very importantly, what measures must be taken to avoid and punish offenders. Because, if there is no repercussion for bad behaviour, I do think that it will continue.

The number to call is 0700-923-923-923. Again, it’s 0700-923-923-923. You’re calling me Bekeme on The Good Citizen Show.

So, one of the things that came up during all of this was the case of covid 19 for instance. That is something that has always been in the news, talking to accountability. Now, three of us have heard that many western countries have put us on their red list. So, we are saying we don’t

(Call comes in and ends abruptly)

Whatever is happening with the lines needs to be sorted out. Do call back, please. If you did try to reach us just now, it’s 0700-923-923-923. Again, 0700-923-923-923.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Good evening.

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: (Voice becomes inaudible) from Ipaja. How has your day been?

Bekeme: My day has been good. What was your name again?

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) from Ipaja.

Bekeme: I didn’t get that again. Please, carry on. I just heard from Ipaja

Caller: About those six boys from (voice becomes inaudible). Parents should make up for their slumber. Lots of things are happening in our homes

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) from stage 4. So, it’s so unfortunate that (voice becomes inaudible)

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: Nobody is caring about these children anymore.

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: They are the ones taking good care of themselves. Watching television, watching cartoons, shows thoroughly they don’t care. (Voice becomes inaudible).

Bekeme: Thank you very much.

So, you’re pointing to the fact that parenting seems to have failed considerably. Someone recently was saying that this is the nanny generation, and I was like okay. During our time, it was the relative generation, because you know, we had relatives looking after us because parents had to go out. In my case it was a single murder situation, so she did have to go out to get food to put on the table, so we were left with relatives. Oftentimes, things did happen. But the truth is that because they were oftentimes members, these things were limited. And I also think that the fact that we had less access to the sort of technology that we have today, obviously made it better.

So, when I was growing up, if you had a foreign assent, people look at you, now everybody sounds foreign.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Good evening

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Mr Tommy

Bekeme: Mr Tommy?!

Caller: Yes

Bekeme: Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show sir. What are your thoughts on the situation?

Caller: Issue of the late Sylvester

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller:  I think it’s a big opportunity for the government and parents to stop there instead of looking for instances of punishing

Bekeme: Hmm Hmm

Caller: How can the government help in preventing it? That is to be proactive

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: in this matter

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: It is a known fact, that a parent or governor goes to each of these school

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: The students there know the bad boys

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: they know it’s not a hidden thing. They know the bad boys there.

Bekeme: Hmm Hmm

Caller: I stayed in Ilasan. We have a school village in Ilasan here.

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: Did you know at the end of every term, it is a tradition that there will be an inter-rivalry conflict between students.

Bekeme: And whom? Amongst themselves?

Caller: Amongst themselves. It’s a known fact. You can send out your staff to come and do an investigation

Bekeme: Where is this, again?

Caller: …every end of the term …the school village in Ilasan here

Bekeme: Okay. We will take note of that

Caller: Conflicts amongst students. Do your investigation…

Bekeme: I will sir.

Caller: …You will discover this. And I believe you should go to every school. Even the J1 students will tell you the bad boys in the school

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: The problem with the Lagos State government is this, from what I have said, no school has the authority to expel or suspend students from school, except Alausa

Bekeme: Really?

Caller: That is what I should go and make

Bekeme: (cuts in) For private schools?

Caller: Government schools

Bekeme: Right. Government schools. Okay.

Caller: Do you understand me? Talking of government schools, go and make your investigation

Bekeme: Hmm. That is interesting

Caller: in my own days

Bekeme: That is interesting

Caller: Yes, go and make your investigation. In my own days, there is something they call black books.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: Once a child is suspended from a school, the whole school in the state, no one will admit you, except maybe the private. But things like that do not exist again. And if those things do not exist, there is no way we will stop this issue of late Sylvester. The best thing now is for the government to be up and doing and, the parent forum as they have called it in government schools, let them identify these people. These people are not spirits. These children are not spirits.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: Let them identify them, such that a proactive action will be taken.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: Instead of coming back again to repeat this late Sylvanus problem

Bekeme: Sylvester

Caller: That is what I can

Bekeme: (Cuts in) Thank you so much, sir. Thank you so much

Caller: That’s what I can

Bekeme: (cuts in)Thank you so much

Caller: Contribute

Bekeme: Thank you.

So, what I would have actually liked to know was whether every time the government schools management principals, and what not, sends a report whether they want to expel or suspend somebody, whether the government was blocking that action, yes there was a bureaucratic cumbersome process, but are they actually following through as well. Are they trying out and seeing that it is not working? When you want to actually suspend or expel a student and see that somebody else is stopping that action from happening. It will be interesting to know

You know, you’ve raised quite a few valid points. For instance, we heard that at Downe college they were no house parents on the floor.  Apparently, it is not a purpose-built school and so there was rampant bullying with nobody there on hand to check.

You’d think that because that is the situation, they will have adults constantly monitoring or taking decisive action against students who are found to do this. It’s not a government school so it means they can suspend and expel students as they like. But for some strange reason, it seems not to be the case. Because we’ve heard all horror stories from different parents and different children saying, “oh, it’s taken as the norm.” I’m shocked, very very shocked. Because my kids go to a boarding school too, and it’s the exact opposite. Every day, I’ve asked them, “did anything happen? No.” “Has anyone ever talked to you in a funny way? No.” “Has anyone ever made you cry? No.” You know, they have house-parents living in their hostels. So, I just wonder why that school never took any action to curb this.

But we would take a short break, and then we will be right back on The Good Citizen Show with Bekeme.


Hi guys. It’s been Bekeme on The Good Citizen Show. Welcome back.

But today, we are discussing the death of Sylvester Oromoni and the Ojodu 20. And we would like for you to call in on 0700-923-923-923. Again, it’s 0700-923-923-923 to tell us your thoughts about the situation and to give us solutions. Suggestions or solutions that we need to happen.

Thank you to Mr Tommy who called earlier, we would do our best to do an investigation into this fighting at Ilasan schools. I just wanted to come back to an earlier comment that has been made.

Children will spend a good amount of their time at school whether in boarding or day school, and you know I think that the boarding school concept is a fantastic concept, much like NYSC was supposed to do before terrorism came into play. It actually helps children to become more mature to grow. To learn to exist with other people. this has to happen in a safe environment. I don’t think that when parents made that choice, it’s a choice to run away from their children. And I think it’s a choice to help them to be independent because you’re going to come into the real world by yourself at some point. Why not help them grow in that protected environment.

Then when you then have a school that a parent pays so much loke Down college actually then subject your child to brutalization. That is a problem.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. 

Caller: Good evening

Bekeme: Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Olarenwaju

Bekeme: Hi! Olarenwaju. What are your thoughts, please?!

Caller:  Pardon?

Bekeme: What do you think about the situation that is happening.

Caller: honestly, I have been listening to the matter and I have been trying to reason the matter, but the only thing I see there, where people are just looking unto, particularly the school issue is one side

Bekeme: Hmm Hmmm

Caller: the main issue that we suppose to look at, what really happened? What really is happening in our own generation?

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: because if you checked it, the locked down last year, many children were at home, even the ones that were in higher institution. You know some of them, those who were in higher institution, even the young one who is secondary school, private school, they might have a brother that might been in court in higher institutions

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: These students are seeing what they are doing, maybe, when their brother or their relative came, there are seeing what they are doing.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: even on phones, when you see some children on phone, you’ll think maybe they are studying on phones. No. they are not studying on phones. That is what some parents don’t look after.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: I have seen a, it’s not maybe they told me, in my area here, a 3-year-old boy, they are triplets. Two girls, two boys. If I tell you this boy is going through her grandma’s phone and is going through where, what do they call it? Nude picture

Bekeme: What?

Caller: Yes. Nude pictures. He gets to the site

Bekeme: a 3-year-old?

Caller: Yes.

Bekeme: That child just happened upon it. What is happening is that adults are making lascivious content; nudity using children cartoons to create porn content. That is happening. That is what the child is looking for and he found it.

Caller: Yes. And he found it. So, before, their grandma was like they were too concentrated. It’s the house girl that discovered this is what they are watching. They now told the grandma

Bekeme: Oh God!

Caller: So, the grandma needs to now delete this thing, and later give him the phone. So, when he was now checking he did not see that thing

Bekeme: Ah! Ah!!

Caller: Did you know what he said? He was now saying that “I did not see bum bum again”

Bekeme: What?

Caller: The grandma was like… yes he said so.

Bekeme: Oh, that child

Caller: The grandma was like, okay, he should come and show her how come he got to that place.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: He said that he got that place on a site

Bekeme: Oh! Wow

Caller: From a google site.

Bekeme: Oh wow

Caller: So many things that children are getting online. A lot of problems is not from the school, it’s not from the government, but the parents on their own. Most parents…

Bekeme: (Cuts in) I agree that there are bad children coming from home bad, but the school has a responsibility as well

Caller: Yes, they are imitating (voice becomes inaudible)

Bekeme: Yes, but the school has a responsibility.  

Caller: Yes, but the bad corrupt good ones.

Bekeme: Absolutely. What do you do as a school when you have bad eggs in your midst, don’t you take action?

Caller: The school have their own

Bekeme: (cuts in) Right! Right!!

Caller: They have their own fault because they have supposed to have a monitor. They are supposed to have the hostel master that will check what they are doing. Everything, they will be monitoring all their activities. That is where the school have the question to answer.

Bekeme: Yes, you’re correct.

(Call ends)

Thank you so much Olarenwaju. And you actually have pointed me to the discussion around really parenting, and just breeding bad child.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Good evening

Bekeme: Good evening. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Tony

Bekeme: Hello Tony. What’s up?

Caller: I’m fine. I love your program.

Bekeme: Thank you so much

Caller: you are doing a good job

Bekeme: Thank you

Caller: I want to say the problem is poor parenting

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: I was worked in a school and then you know, I know that we are saying not to flog children, and the children misbehave. You will see (voice becomes inaudible) because I knew how I grew up

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: My dad was a teacher, and I knew all how he disciplined us in those days

Bekeme: (cuts in) Yes

Caller: … and how they brought us up. So now, when I was teaching in those days because the bible says there is foolishness in the heart of a child

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: the rod of correction drives it out. These days, the sort of parents do not (voice becomes inaudible) and over pamper them. Come on, you know?!

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: These days now

Bekeme: (Cuts in) I don’t know. This modern parenting. Feeling funky. Forming oyinbo. I don’t understand it.

Caller: I’m telling you, modern parenting

Bekeme: (laughs)

Caller: look at the outcome

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: that is just it.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: a child that you fail to train up today will bring you shame tomorrow.

Bekeme: Ah

Caller: there is saying that it is not what you leave for your children. Parents are striving to leave a lot for their children without leaving anything in them

Bekeme: Hmm. Word.

Caller: it is not what you leave for your children that matters, it is what you leave for them. Because

Bekeme: (Cuts in) Absolutely

Caller: it is what you leave in them, sorry. If you don’t leave anything much in them, you leave much for them, they will squander all you leave for them.

Bekeme: (Cuts in) it’s like the prodigal son

Caller: And they become a nuisance in the society

Bekeme: Absolutely. but you may never have the chance to redeem them like the prodigal son.

Caller: Leave much in them rather than leave much for them. They will go out there and become responsible, earn something for themselves and become a blessing in society. So, parenting is number one. I know school have a role to play

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Parenting. Poor parenting.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: These days, I understand that there are challenges, parents looking for the family will eat. I mean I don’t know how we are going to solve this problem. I’m so pained by the story

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: By the turn of the event. I’m telling you.

Bekeme: It’s sad

Caller: It is well

Bekeme: It is. Thank you so much, Mr Tony

(Calls ends)

You know, I think if you’re a parent out there and you know your child does things he should do, you can’t afford to keep quiet.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Good evening

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: I J calling from Ago

Bekeme: Hello I J.

Caller: Yeah

Bekeme: What are your thoughts? What is justice for this child? These children.

Caller: I believe it still boils down to parenting.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: especially on the part of the mothers.

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: A child does something in school and the child is disciplined, you’ll find out the mothers will go to school to fight the teacher. You know, I once had an experience where I taught in a school and disciplined a child. He was 3 then. And you know the next morning he came, he was conversing with his friends, and he said, “my mummy said she is coming to face teacher IJ and put her inside the ‘Ghana must go'”

Bekeme: (Laugh) I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny. Teacher IJ is small, please? This one that they want to fold you into a “Ghana must go” (Laughs)

Caller: I was like number 1 that time.

(Bekeme and CallerLaughs)

Caller: so, you can imagine the kind of mindset

Bekeme: (cuts in)Hmm.

Caller: By the mother

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: if he grows with the kind of mindset

Bekeme: Hmm.

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) in whatever he does

Bekeme: Yes.

Caller: because his mom will always be there to fight

Bekeme: Yes

Caller:  in his behalf

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: that chi8ld might grow up becoming a bully or

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Or a time bomb waiting to explode.
Bekeme: Absolutely

Caller: The mothers especially, to take note and discipline their children when appropriate

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Some fathers are big enablers as well, when we have strict mothers these days, you’d see fathers say leave them for me. I have heard of fathers fighting their wives

(Call ends)

Thank you again I J.

I have heard of fathers fighting their wives because they didn’t take permission from them to discipline their children. At the end of the day, when the parent is foolish to not allow their child to get the repercussion of their actions because of some mis founded idea of love, you will grow up, the child will grow up and disgrace you. It’s not me saying it. It’s just the way it is. The child will grow up and disgrace you. And that thing that you think you’re doing for them, maybe you’re amassing some sort of wealth that you expect they will take over; they will squander it like the prodigal son, the biblical prodigal son.

They will be a nuisance to the society and society will loathe them. So, parents who think that it’s okay to force their badly behaved child on others under the guise of they are children, you know they didn’t mean it.

Excuse you. From birth. I mean we typically know right from wrong. You know, it is our responsibility as parents to make sure it’s always right.

Now, I see a message on WhatsApp from Kindomax saying, “If you see something, say something. People should be proactive when they see something wrong going on. Not after a horrible situation like the example under review.”

I think that sums it for me. Take action if you’re a teacher in the school where you have badly behaved children, take action. Obviously, the government needs to monitor schools more and schools need to be liable. Like Dowen college needs to be shut down until the government is able to put proper things in place if they ever become a boarding school.

Thank you so much (voice becomes inaudible). Thank you so much everyone for calling in, for listening to The Good Citizen Show.

Be better versions of yourself. Have a great time and talk to you say time next Friday.

It’s been Bekeme on The Good Citizen Show


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