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Amend Law to Allow Foreign Husbands’ Become Nigerian Citizens by Marriage – in Honour of Tosyn Bucknor (1981 – 2018)

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The news of Tosyn’s death shocked many awake in the early hours of Tuesday, 20 November, 2018 as she had been full of life and energy, despite suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia, a genetic condition that causes the red blood cells to develop abnormally.

Bucknor’s husband and French citizen, Aurelien Boyer, found her unconscious at their Lagos home and quickly alerted medical personnel and family members. All effort to resuscitate her proved abortive. She lived an exemplary and impacting life, was full of energy and zest, and was always ready to do anything to better lives and society at large, including being the co-presenter of The Good Citizen Radio Show. Tributes of her good will have continued to pour in from far and near.

As sad to hear is that for interracial couples where it is the woman who is Nigerian, like Bucknor and her husband, Aurelien Boyer, becoming a Nigerian citizen may only remain a dream for the husband  This is as deduced from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where in Chapter Three, Section 26, Sub-Section (2)a, subject to the provisions of Section 28, it specifies that accreditation for citizenship by registration is on the following basis:

Any foreign woman who is or has been married to a citizen of Nigeria (man) may be registered as a citizen of Nigeria.”

No provision has constitutionally been made for a foreign man who marries a Nigerian woman. The constitution of Nigeria are formidable written laws guiding the interest of all citizenry of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and is subject to amendment for the equitable comfort of all.

In this regard, the Good Citizen Group, under the auspices of CSR-in-Action, seeks to draw to the attention of the House to this section of the constitution, requesting for its amendment of the sub-section, in the spirit of equal rights of citizenship by marriage.

This will to a large extent obliterate from the Nigerian system, the age-long norm of gender disparity. We urge all concerned Nigerian Citizens to heed this call to active and progressive citizenship by signing this petition. Let’s do this in memory of our dear Tosyn Bucknor, aka Area Mama.

Allow Foreign Husbands’ Become Nigerian Citizens by Marriage


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