Is Being Your Neighbour’s Keeper Smart?

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Welcome to the show today. I am glad and I am hoping that we will have various callers today to share your opinion on this matter. It’s a very serious matter. But we have to discuss this thing as well.

I will join Bekeme in this conversation to say, please remember to keep being careful. We had thought we had seen the end of this Covid, and then lo and behold, we come again with another variant, Omicron. So, please, be careful out there. Wash your hand. Sanitize when you can’t have access to mouth. Wear your face mask. And if you have the chance to, go and get vaccinated. It is not going to kill you. It has not killed anybody that I have heard of. And so, you can all go get vaccinated for free at the local government office. Just, remember to go online and search. I think you can go to the NPC, NPCHA I think that is what it is to get registered. Just go there and go get your vaccine and actually just get it done. Because now, it will become necessary to actually get vaccinated. Because you would want to go for an event and lo and behold, they will tell you, please, come vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated to come.

So, please if you would like to, you can get it for free. It is not being paid for. So. It’s free for all.

And, before I actually go on. It is really saddened to hear the news especially of the child, Sylvester. I would just like to take this moment to maybe just give a moment of silence as a respect for the family of Sylvester, the child who was killed or beaten. We don’t know the full news yet. Was alleged killed. We just take a moment of silence for him and support his family as well. Justice for Sylvester.

(Silence in the studio)

That was just paying our respect, you know this is unfortunate. And then I was having a discussion with someone, like literally, what is happening in secondary school these days, the max I could remember in my day was, I mean yes, bullying does exist, but the max I could remember was a senior sending you with N2o, go and buy me this, buy me gala, go, and buy me drink, and come back with N50 change. I mean that was the height of what I think I could have experienced. But this now, being killed. I saw another news again, earlier today, a student alleged killed his teacher because the teacher flogged his younger sister. This was actually in Delta State. It’s very unfortunate that this is happening. It’s very unfortunate that this is happening. Really, in secondary school. I mean this is the height of it. What are we turning into? What are things going into?

But, really now to the discussion of today. Let me actually see if I can find that story. It was a very interesting story. The discretion for today is, “Being your neighbour’s keeper smart?” is it smart to be your neighbour’s keeper?

You know, I think it was read in the news earlier today, or earlier during the week, that okay, a screenshot of someone showing, you know that, so a woman go online and says, oh, a young lady was discovered dead in her apartment around her office per se, and she has been roughly, allegedly for 2 days. Understanding protocol, and her neighbour’s reported to the police, oh, this is the case. This is what happened. You know you go to someone’s house; you have not seen the person for ages. You’ve not seen the person for months; I mean for the days. You wonder, you haven’t seen this person, which is unusual. And they go to the police. Oh, we found her dead in her apartment. And guess what. The police arrested them all. And then they have to bailed themselves with a 150k out. Like literally.

So, because you have reported now, you have been reported because you came to report. And then, it puts you in the shoes of, next time you don’t see your neighbour for days, and an offensive odour comes around the house, what should happen? I mean literally, what should happen?

Now I am going to open up the phone’s lines, because I would like to hear what your take is on this actually. Is it right for the police to have done this? Really, is it right? Legal, is it right?

The number to call is 0700-923-923-923. Again, 0700-923-923-923 or you can send us a WhatsApp message, 0817-313-6193. Again, it’s 0817-313-6193. Again, 0700-923-923-923

So, I mean, really, is it actually legal for this to happen?

Hello. We have a call already.

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: Hello. What’s your name and where are you calling from?

Caller:  Good evening

Dami Cruz: Good evening. What’s your name? thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name? where are you calling from?

Caller: Thank you. I am calling from Ikorodu.

Dami Cruz: Okay! Thank you. What’s your name? sorry, we didn’t catch your name

Caller:  Can you hear me please?

Dami Cruz: Your name. I can hear you. Your name

Caller:  Moses is my name. Moses

Dami Cruz: Moses. Okay. Thank you. So, Moses what do you have to say to this?

Caller:  Yes, on this issue that you just raised, it’s a pity thar things have actually change

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller:  Bullying, I believe, bully doesn’t extend to killing. It’s an attitude that any school would want to guide against. But it’s unfortunate. Now, coming to the neighbour that was arrested. Probably this neighbour is new in Nigeria. It’s so unfortunate. Because the system does not encourage that, to be factual

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: The system does not encourage that. There is nothing bad in what he has done but the structure we have does not encourage it. So, I believe this neighbour just arrive in Nigeria. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done that.

Dami Cruz: He wouldn’t have that but, at the same time though it’s normal. It’s the right thing to do. Does it then become wrong to help if someone is in need?

Caller: it’s not wrong to help, but in our own context, between me and you now, the neighbour is going to pay for what he has not done.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: that is discouraging. We are all human beings. It’s discouraging. I think we have to look at that very well from the authority that is concerned

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: don’t arrest such people if you can involve them in investigation.

Dami Cruz: Yeah

Caller: you can involve them as much as they can help in investigation.

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmm

Caller: not arrest them (voice becomes inaudible)

Dami Cruz: Oka. Thank you so much. Thank you so very much Moses for that contribution

Really yeah. Because it puts you in a very tight position because you can no longer go, especially, this is one case of police arresting someone, and then there is another case of maybe being on the road and you see someone..

(Call comes in and ends abruptly)

Oh! We lost that call. Keep trying again. Keep trying. 0700-923-923-923.

We have a call

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name? and where are you calling from?

Caller: God evening. My name is Frank. I am calling from Abule Egba.

Dami Cruz: Okay. Good evening, Frank. Thank you for calling. So what’s your take?

Caller: My take is, unfortunately that is the environment we live in. the police, though they know the law, they don’t follow the law. You will see there, bail is free, but you can’t go to the police and the bail is free.

Dami Cruz: (laughs)

Caller: so people are even afraid of giving police information.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: mostly, I believe it happens between the middle class and the low class. Cos if this same thing happened in some high brow areas, they dare not, they can’t arrest. Because those one knows their right. They won’t arrest them.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: Yes, I know one that happened in highbrow, she was killed, because the person that died was a friend, the relative of a friend

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: she was killed in her home. They didn’t arrest anybody. They just came, carried the corpse and did an autopsy, because it’s an highbrow area.

Dami Cruz: Hmmmm. Didn’t they then do an investigation on that?

Caller: they will do the investigation quite alright. But they did not arrest. But if you come to this other area, you will see them arresting, cos they know they will charge them extorting money from them.

Dami Cruz: Hmmmm

Caller: it’s so absurd

Dami Cruz: It is Absurd. Thank you so much

Caller: There is nothing that we are going to say about their authority because we hear the police saying roadblock is off, only for you to go the next the day and you’d still see the roadblock

(Dami Cruz and Caller laughs)

Caller: It’s so unfortunate

Dami Cruz: It is unfortunate. Very very unfortunate. Thank you so much Frank for that contribution. Thank you very much.

And so, yes, we have another call

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: thank you for those calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name and where are you calling from?

Caller: okay. My name is Samson Amara. I am calling from Ago.

Dami Cruz: Okay. Thank you, Samson, for calling. Thank you so much. So what’s your take?

Caller: the truth is this, the police really know that the person that they are charging to court or try to collect money from, is not the person that commit the crime

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: just kind pf a way that the Nigerian police are using to extort money from people.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: thay know the truth and at the same time try to hide it. That keep on giving them that kind of bad name

Dami Cruz: Hmmm. Yea. Unfortunately. Thank you very for that. Thank you very much for that.

I mean, yes, all these things really give them police a bad name.

Yea, hello, we have another call.

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show. what’s your name? and where are you calling from?

Caller: my name is Peter, and I am calling from Abuja.

Dami Cruz: Okay! Thank you, Peter from Abuja. Thank you. What’s your take on this?

Caller: You ehen, it’s so annoying. We must get certain things right in this country. If you report a case, of maybe death in your neighbour’s apartment and police arrest you

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: Once you get bail sue the police

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: let’s make noise about it, so that certain things will change.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: let’s say, unfortunately, that’s the environment we live in. then we will allow everything to go. No. it’s not done now. We have to change the status quo.  Things must change n this country. This thing is paining me. Once I hear this thing, I get so infuriated.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: so, let’s change things. People must take action when things are not, if I didn’t kill someone and I saw very odd thing somewhere and I report and police will arrest me and torture me, I will come back and make noise about it. I will make a lot of noise. A hell of noise. Things must change in this country.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm. Thank you very much.

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) That is my take on that. On the issue

Dami Cruz: Yes

Caller: On the death of a boy in secondary school, it was so painful.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: Extremely painful.

Dami Cruz: Very very painful indeed.

Caller: I don’t know what the society is turning into

Dami Cruz: Hmmmm

Caller: my heart goes to the parent of that boy

Dami Cruz: Very much so. Thank you so much.

Caller: May his soul rest in peace. Thank you very much.

Dami Cruz: Thank you very much. Thank you very much Samson.

We have another call. This is The Good Citizen Show.

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: What’s your name and where are you calling from?

Caller: Good evening. My name is Micheal

Dami Cruz: Okay Micheal. Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show. So what’s your take?

Caller: My take is, it’s quite unfortunate that this kind of thing happens in our country. This kind of thing happens in the low and medium class group. My take is, first of all, I would like to say clearly here that the neighbours that went to report did the right thing.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm Hmm. Definitely so. Definitely.

Caller: it’s not about the menace in the society. The menace that call themselves the police that should be protecting us, but they are the menace of the society, to deter them from doing what is right.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: so that they can develop a better strategic of doing it next time.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: they can talk to the streets; the community people and they go there in mass.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: or the leaders of the community, of the streets or the estate or wherever they are

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: They go there and lay the complaints

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: to the police

Dami Cruz: Yes

Caller: by so doing, they can avoid the hand point or the finger pointing

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmmm

Caller: if this kind of things arises. That is one way we can actually try

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) avoid such a situation happening again.

Caller: That is how our country is, just allow everything to just

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) to keep going. definitely

Caller: It brings more harm than good.

Dami Cruz: Yes. Thank you very much. Thank you very much fir that Michael.

(Call ends)

We just take a break right there at this point. Please, we will keep the conversation going. Immediately after this break, we just take a short break, and we will be right back after this break.

(Short Break)

And welcome back to The Good Citizen Show. I am the host for this evening, Dami Cruz. We are having a conversation really. And we are having a conversation really, and we have had a plethora of calls, it’s been very insightful. I am just going to read, if you’re just joining us, again this is The Good Citizen Show. I am going to actually read the story again, so people can actually give their contributions to this.

And so basically, a young lady was discovered dead in her apartment around the lady’s office apparently, and allegedly have been dead for two days, and obviously the neighbours have realise this you know, I mean someone being dead for that long. Hello we have a call

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: Hello. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name? and where are you calling from?

Caller: Good evening. IJ from Ago

Dami Cruz:  I didn’t get your name. sorry.

Caller: IJ

Dami Cruz:  IJ. Okay, hi. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your take on this?

Caller: yeah! I would want to say that as long as we stop the sun from shinning, I want to give kudos to the neighbours who found the dead body in an apartment and it’s their civic right to report to the police.

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmm. Definitely they have done right. Yes.

Caller: just that our police here, the way they handle issues is very bad.

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmmm

Caller: it’s very bad, and that keeps the citizens not to trust them.

Dami Cruz: Yes

Caller: when I go out and I see a policeman around, I just get scared because I don’t know

Dami Cruz: (Cuts in) what’s next?

Caller: what’s next is going to come up, you know?

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: then concerning the boy, the 12-year-old boy

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: it’s pathetic. I feel for the parent.

Dami Cruz: Definitely

Caller: now the school, are you telling me there is no house master, there is no house mistress

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: and cultism was running under that environment and the school authorities didn’t know about it.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: you know?!

Dami Cruz: You really cannot tell unfortunately. I think there have been investigations been carried out already. Yeah

Caller: Upbringing matters too

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: Parents should do a lot to teach their children what is right

Dami Cruz: Hmmm Hmmm

Caller: You can imagine the child in Delta state that killed a teacher.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: for heaven’s sake, what kind of home is she coming from? What is she being taught?

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: in the home front. It’s sad

Dami Cruz: It’s a very sad thing. God help us truly thank you very much contribution

Really, the society is very, things are shaky too much. I mean, and it’s very unfortunate how this is happening. But on the matter still. Another thing we kind of realise in most cases is this, you know when there an accident on the road, I was having a conversation with someone yesterday, there is an accident on the road, you carry the person to the hospital, it’s unfortunate you will hear, okay we have another call

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: hello. What’s your name? where are you calling from? Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show

Caller: Good evening. My name is Ololami.

Dami Cruz: Okay. Hi. Good evening, Ololami. Thank you for calling this evening.

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible)

Dami Cruz: Sorry

Caller: Am I speaking to (voice becomes inaudible)

Dami Cruz: No. this is Dami, for The Good Citizen Show.

Caller:  Okay, Dami. Hi

Dami Cruz: Good evening. Hi! Good evening

Caller: How is Bekeme

Dami Cruz: She is very well, thank you. She couldn’t be here today.

Caller: Okay

Dami Cruz: Yea

Caller: quickly, let me contribute a quick one

Dami Cruz: Yea

Caller: the police issue is a serious issue whereby there is an incident or death and the victim or whoever is not, I don’t even know how to put it. It’s really sickening

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: When you try to help somebody and at the end of the day (voice becomes inaudible) they call you as the culprit.

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: When you are trying to help

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmm

Caller: It’s very sad

Dami Cruz: It’s very sad. Really, it’s sad.

Caller: instead of people seeing someone dying, and they will just walk pass. You will see a lot of people dying by the roadside. People are like oh, it’s just because if they try to help, they know what it’s going to take them.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: they will start writing, following up and all that. They will not look at the area that they are helping that person. They are looking at why should you help that person.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: why should you help that person? So, they concentrate more on whoever has helped the victim

Dami Cruz: Right. Thinking (voice becomes inaudible) you are guilty until prove innocent.

Caller: Yes

Dami Cruz: Which shouldn’t be

Caller: Then again, still on the 12-year-old boy

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: I see a lot of parents, which parents have neglected home training and morals and values for influencing social media life. We forget a lot of things. The father is, when you get home, you are with the phone. The mother with the phone. The child with the phone.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: all this points to train up a child

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: Who is going to train up a child? And a lot of children get influenced by a lot of things they see on this social media.

Dami Cruz: A lot

Caller: they have direct access to phones

Dami Cruz: Hmmmm

Caller: they see a lot of things, and nobody is controlling what they are seeing

Dami Cruz: Unfortunately

Caller: a lot of bad influence, children get a lot of information on bad influence through the phones. The social media and the phones. The 12-year-old child, it’s really

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) a painful, and 12, I mean for a 12-year-old, it’s painful because that is just 2 years into school. Most student starts at the age of 10 at secondary school

Caller: Yes, and you can imagine the torture that boy was going through.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: I saw that video and I, God. I know what, I said it. This boy is going through a lot of pain. They must have beaten him, maybe 10 or 20 of them, I don’t know. We don’t know

Dami Cruz: We don’t know exactly. Investigation is already on going, according to the news sources.

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible. Call ends)

Dami Cruz: Hello? Hello? Hi, Ololami.

I think we have lost that call. I think network issues.

Hello, yes, we have another call

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name, and where are you calling from?

Caller: Good evening. I called earlier. Thanks

Dami Cruz: Okay. Hi

Caller: Yes, two weeks ago, same thing happened, a teacher flogged a student, somewhere in Epe

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: And that night, the teacher was shot. Three times

Dami Cruz: The teacher was what?

Caller: The Teacher was shot. He was illed

Dami Cruz: Oh dear

Caller: Dami Cruz:

Caller: In Epe. Yeah

Dami Cruz: Wow

Caller: in this Lagos

Dami Cruz: Wow

Caller: it’s not the guy now, but the cult

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) members

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) his cult members

Dami Cruz: Oh dear

Caller:  his cult member went to attack the teachers and they shot him twice, and he died

Dami Cruz: Ah

Caller: So, I told one of my colleagues, say look, the problem is, before we had homes, now we have houses, mansions.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: but no home. And when there is no home, it’s easy for the devil to come and do whatever he likes.

Dami Cruz: Yes, exactly

Caller: we have houses, we have mansions but no homes, the mother and father, just like the other caller have said, the pillars are missing

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: They are all about making money.

Dami Cruz: They are missing in Action

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) The money we make is not because of the children?

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmm. And God has given us a responsibility to take of these children

Caller: Yes. That you go and make money because of these children. Abd you use that same money that God have given you to destroy both your children and the family. So, what is the essence of making the money in the first place?

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible). The problem is most homes, in short, we don’t have homes in Nigeria any longer. We have allowed ourselves to become Americanised. You know, the society has a lot of influence on the child

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: But these days,

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) It is a different case entirely. Everybody is building high fences. No one knows what is going on anymore.

Caller: it’s sad. We don’t care.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: That is why you will not see your neighbour in 2-3 days

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) And you will keep quiet

Caller: Offensive odour as they are coming out.

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: On a good day, before anything you will go and (voice becomes inaudible) the door f your neighbour, but these days, if you (voice becomes inaudible) your neighbour, they will ask you, what’s is your problem? Oga, are you crazy?

Dami Cruz: Hmmm Hmmm (laughs)

Caller: Sorry for that.

Dami Cruz: No. thank you. Thank you very much.

Okay! Hi Ruth Pillars, you were about to say something. Hi! Ruth pillars, thank you for joining on Instagram. And thank you to all our Instagram.

Hello, another caller we have

(Call comes in)

Dami Cruz: Thank you for calling The Good Citizen show. What’s your name? And where are you calling for?

Caller:  My name is Eze, and I am on the road.

Dami Cruz: Okay! Hi. Thank you Eze. Okay. What’s your take on these?

Caller: Ah! It’s bad. Both sad stories actually

Dami Cruz: Hmm

Caller: But my take is just that, it is what it is. The what the society is turning into.

Dami Cruz: Hmmmm

Caller: and I know that some people are taking a swipe from the homes, but believe you me, it is not about the parents, really. I know they have a role to play

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: it is not about them. This kind of thing have always been happening in the society

Dami Cruz: Yeah.

Caller: And as we are growing, certain civilization is coming in, we will be ready for all these to happen. I heard a story of someone who died in UK. And for two year, nobody knew that she died.

Dami Cruz: Oh wow

Caller: Yes, because of the lifestyle we all hear that they live there in the UK.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: because no neighbour sends anybody. It is because of things like these

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: The landlord only noticed because the money in her account ran out

Dami Cruz: Okay! Yes, I heard that story. Yes! Yes!!

Caller: (voice becomes inaudible) until it ran out and they opened, and they found out

Dami Cruz: (cuts in) she had been dead for months

Caller: It was years actually

Dami Cruz: I think about 2 years or something. Yes, I saw that story. Like literally died in front of her TV. Or something along that line.

Caller: Good

Dami Cruz: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Caller: So now that is where they are trying to drive us to. If you are going to complain, you know we drive here in Lagos, you see all of us in a car, one person alone, you are driving alone, why, you have a heart to carry somebody, but you don’t know what the person is carrying in the bag.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: You don’t know what arrangement. Do you know there is another story, somebody called this radio station, and that he gave a policeman a lift, and a policeman left a bullet in his car? But because he was watching the policeman and how he was toiling with his pocket and then he drove further after he has dropped the police guy, and searched the car, and saw a bullet, and threw it away.

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: And when he got to the checking point, the checking point corned him, and was turning his car upside down. What were they looking for? They were looking for that bullet, cos the police guy had radio the checking point that this guy has a bullet in his car

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: So, we are going to catch him. We are going to rift him off.

Dami Cruz: Hmm Hmm

Caller: They kept him until they couldn’t find that thing. So they are turning us to that place where tomorrow, you will say how did we get to this place.  Just know that these are the things that are pushing us to that place.

Dami Cruz: Yes

Caller: See the point about you to neighbour, you won’t be kind to starngers because you know whether they are going to incriminate you on the road. I mean

Dami Cruz: It’s very unfortunate

Caller: and some of us are parents. We are trying our best. But believe you me, it is not about what we do. What will be will be. These children are exposed to a whole lot that we don’t know. And you know Lagos is crazy. We are hustling to male life better for them. We have little time with them. Byt we try in those little time and trust that God will raise them. Crime have been there when we were growing, they will still be there

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: it’s not really about beating of the parents

Dami Cruz: Hmmm

Caller: I think that is just my contribution.

Dami Cruz: Thank you so much. Thank you so much for that. It’s very much appreciated.

Thank you so much. Time has already gone. I am sure we are still getting calls.

This again have been The Good Citizen Show. Thanks to all our callers. Thanks to all the contributions. We will hope and we will keep praying for a better Nigeria. We all have a role to play but we will get there in good time, and by Gd’s grace.

Thank you for calling. Have a blessed and lovely weekend and goodbye.


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