Illegal Migration

Hi, guys! How are you all doing? This is Bekeme, a.k.a. Mummy G.O. on The Good Citizen Show. Hello to our fans on Instagram. Hummm, it’s a bit of connection issues there, but you on the radio, I’m sure you can hear me.

Lat week was phenomenal. Thank you so much for all the love. Thank you so so much for all the love or rather the concern for Nigeria was rather encouraging truly. You know last week topic was, “can corruption be curved in Nigeria?” And I was very glad that 90% of the people who called, said it’s possible. We can change that culture, but we need to do XYZ. I just hope that they have all been implementing those little changes ourselves. By saying no to certain things. Speaking out when someone does something that he shouldn’t do, and all of that. And I hope to hear more from you as we discuss the topic of “Illegal Migration”.

And I think that it’s closely linked, that why we continue with it. Because, you know, there is a form of corruption happening there, and I think, you know, someone was saying, it was poverty last week, and I was saying, “is it poverty? Are we really really really really that poor?”

Yes, we are that poor but some of it is mental poverty. That was what I was trying to say. And I hope we can continue this conversation, especially when people are migrating to places where nobody, absolutely nobody, wants them or appreciate them.

Humm, one of the things that caught my attention this week, and I don’t know if many of you have seen it, is the issue of NYSC, and the famous handbook they are denying called “Security Awareness and Educational Handbook for Corps Members and Staff. On page 56, it has advised corps members, to prepare their ransom money, just in case… (Bekeme Laughs) Hain, God eh ……just in case something happens.”

I think what is more annoying about it is that the NYSC has come out to deny this, you know, wrote this fancy release, you know, that they didn’t actually put it in particular pamphlet and all. But then, if you could remember, every Corps member who serve in recent time has this book. So, I don’t know what the denial is all about. I think it’s a just challenge in this part of the world, to own up to a mistake.

Firstly, that communication shouldn’t have gone out. They should have taken communication seriously. They should have reviewed it properly, not only for context, nut for appropriateness, for signaling. What are you telling people? That oh, you could be kidnapped anytime. Prepare your Ransome money.

Secondly, when you found out, government, Individually, there is nothing wrong with saying, I messed up. I’m going to do things differently. Why deny it? Anyway, that’s discussion for another time.

So, as we are here today, I just wanted to say, to remind us people are still dying from COVID-19, some y’all don’t believe. Trust me, they are. And the truth is that the more we get vaccinated, the more we can return to normal. Hum,, I have friends who have recently travelled aboard, and they say, in the countries like UK, things have ease up a lot up. Because, you know they are very careful about who enters their country. All of the testing that goes on, you know, less masking up, less sanitizing, because you know, more people are safer. So, let’s do ourselves the favour of doing the usual, wearing your masks when necessary. Now, we have Moderna vaccination here. Don’t say that you’re afraid of Astrazeneca. I’ve shared and shared all sorts of articles and views debunking all these claims, you know, that it muters people, it sticks to your hand. Nothing jas happened to me yet. Trust me, every adult in my house ks vaccinated. We are all good.

I also wanted to remind us that voting is still on for CAHR Awards. That’s Community and Human Rights Awards. We are still taking voted. We’ve reached about 15,000. It’s just one week to go. Choose your favourite person. We have put out videos of people telling you why you should vote for them. Go ahead, and reward somebody who is doing a fantastic work in your community. If you haven’t found time to do work in your community, at least encourage someone who is doing something good.

And finally, humm, you know, in the house cleaning, before we start, the radio drama, have you been watching, have you been listening to “Things Dey Happen”. “Things Dey Happen” is still ongoing on Inspiration FM, and other radio stations across the country. Humm, currently now in the south, we are moving to the north October. But Oga Solo is still harassing the young woman, who is sexually assaulted. He is using the police to harass her. And he’s saying you cannot do anything about it. She’s afraid, but for her friend Eliza, who’s encouraging her. Is it Eliza? It’s Eliza o. who is encouraging her, and saying you can do it this., and with the help of the nonprofit. Hummm. What will Maggie do? It’s thrilling and I wish every time I would come up on the show, I’ll play for it for you. The theme song is so catching. We need to do a challenge, you know? (Bekeme sings the theme song).

It’s just that my office people are dry. I have been saying let’s do a challenge. Let’s do a challenge. They refused. I think we should get there. Remember that you can go and listen to past episodes on Sound Cloud on Every new episodes drops there on Saturday, 10 am. Remember, on Inspiration FM, every Tuesday 11:35am – 11:50 am. You must catch it. It’s thrilling. Ah! It’s something you shouldn’t miss.

Now, to the mater on ground, some of us have families, some of us have friends who have tried to migrate by force.

Okay, let me remind you the number you should call, 0700939393. Again, it’s 0700939393. And we are talking about a matter that’s very dear to me. I will start by recording the ime when I was still in secondary school, and I wanted to travel to the UK. My mother said, you know what, for some strange reasons, she was in loved with Air France, and she said, oh, you would have to go through Air France, and that meant getting a transit visa. I was at university, I was at university, not secondary. And that meant getting a transit visa, and that I meant I had to go through the French consulate.


And you will not believe that these people were now spying me, and spying my passports and saying, (Bekeme speaks French), they were looking at my passports and saying, is it fake? They were a slight problem with the lamination. You know that time we still had laminated passports. And because I was from E do state, they thought I was trying to pass through France, because I wanted to become a Chinana in France. And the good thing was they said to mem if you’re sure you’re passing through France because you’re flying Air France, get, come with your parents, and then my mom got there, and they happen to know her


Anyway, this is a pervasive problem in Nigeria today. People are trying to run away from Nigeria, from different, different parts of the country. And I want to understand the reason the behind it.  These lines must open today, and you all must try to get through. Because all of you have members, family members who have in some, witnesses. And how did I start thinking about these? I was in Abuja last week, I mentioned, and I was given the book, “From Fry Pan to Fire”, By the popular, well renowned columnist. Olusegun Adeniyi. I thought I didn’t have time. Then, I started reading this book, and I was like, “oh my goodness.” Apparently, out of 1 in every 5 immigrants in the aboard is a Nigeria.


(Calls Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Please, turn down your radio set. Hello.

Caller: Oh yes, I already did.

Bekeme: Okay. Thank you for calling. What’s your name?

Caller: my name is Chris, and I’m calling from Victoria Island

Bekeme: Hello, Chris from Victoria Island. Do you have your thoughts concerning this topic?

Caller: Okay, great! I just wanted to answer a question (lines breaks), reasons behind why people are leaving. Why Nigerians wants to leave.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: I think for most humm, Nigerians are going in the direction of Hope. Going towards hum, in the direction of hope, going to places the think they will be hope for them in terms of healthcare.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Hope for them in terms of making it in life.

Bekeme: Yes.

Caller: So. Basically, most Nigerians seeking to leave are essentially just leaving or going in the direction of hope.

Bekeme: hmmm

Caller: This is what they say

Bekeme: I understand. I understand totally. I understand. But did you hear, and we are talking about illegal migration now. And have you heard the harrowing experiences. All of them reports death. The ones that were recently returned from Libya, each person saw almost 200 deaths.

Caller: Yes! Yes!!

Bekeme: Daily, when they go through the desert, people die. Dozens daily. So why, how, is it that despondent here?

Caller: Oh hum, basically, like I said, they are going in the direction where they find hope. You never know the individual situation of each of those migrants were.

Bekeme: Hummm.

Caller: ( Call Breaks In)… but I’m sure at the point when they made that decision to go, Libya or whatever direction (Call Breaks)

Bekeme: Humm

Caller: Everybody’s experiences might be different. Some will go I the direction where they find hope, or when they see hope they would be disappointed. And I also want to say that quite a number of people have also you know, found the hope that they thought

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: And in the direction now that people are going, for those who have the opportunity of going in better direction, I think people are getting the best (Calls break in)….. they are turning up better for it. But for the Libya guys, I can tell you at the point when they made that decision to go, Libya looks more hopeful

Bekeme: Hummm

Caller: (Call becomes distinct and ends)

Bekeme: Thank you Chris for your thoughts. Thank you.


So, Chris is on the run to win chakiki_foodempire gift basket. Thank you for calling.


And I agree that it must really be tough for people to do these. But the truth is, when you link you up, in Libya, Mali, Niger, these countries, they don’t even appreciate black Africans. They hate you.



Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello, good evening

Bekeme: Hello, good evening. Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show. What your name?

Caller: My name is Daniel, and I’m calling you from the road

Bekeme: Hello Daniel. What are your thoughts? Do you know people who have tried to go through the desert, or any of the scary route?

Caller: The truth is that a lot of things is making people think of leaving this nation at the moment.

Bekeme: Yes.

Caller: So, myself as a person, when I knew I had no intention of leaving this nation, but the day in church when the pastor said, anybody who wants to get a visa to leave this country, to raise his hand up, I can tell you, I never raised my hand up. I was too convinced.

Bekeme: hummm

Caller: that I have wanted, I have always wanted to be in Nigeria

Bekeme: Hummm

Caller. With the persisting situation now in Nigeria, if I can close my eyes and open it, I will find myself somewhere else.

Bekeme: Hummmm

Caller: Yes, and I will want to do that

Bekeme: hmmmm

Caller: I had a little discussion, which I had with my wife, if I can find a work pending there, I will move out of this nation.

Bekeme: I know what you mean.

Caller: So, the security…. (CALL CUTS)

Bekeme: Hello. Daniel?! I think we’ve lost Daniel. Thank you so much for your passion. I totally understand what you mean.


You know, I am one of those pro Nigerian, but with recent security situations, I am like, “oh my God! This is so scary.” But the truth is that the situation Is further expatiated by us Nigerians. The people who are kidnapping are Nigerians who know that their lot is very bad, and they are very happy to put other families through misery. I remember watching the video of the lady who was kidnapped recently, who was battered black and blue, her face was swollen. And it was human beings like her, who were cutting the other ladies that were kidnapped with her. They would call family members, when they couldn’t bring money, they would cut them up. And I was wondering this security situation that we are talking about, with bandit in the north. Kidnapping down south. Who are the people who are causing, who are further expatiating the situation? Who are the people who are friends of leaders who are waiting for their family members to become politicians? Who are the people following, “who dey who”’ that starts with F?


Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Good evening Bekeme

Bekeme: Good evening. Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show. What’s you name, please?

Caller: My name is Joseph from Alapere.

Bekeme: hello Joseph from Alapere. Thank you again. So, what are your thoughts, please?

Caller: Humm, to be sincere, I don’t blame anybody, but my take is (Cuts becomes distinct)

Bekeme: If you’re what?

Caller: if you’re going to leave Nigeria, then go to British, or anywhere that is better than Nigeria. Not another African country.

Bekeme: Right. But they are trying to pass through it to get aboard. But it’s very treacherous. They are killing them like flies.

Caller: for me, I told myself many years back if I am going to leave t5his country, I will leave on a legitimate basics.

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: I love my freedom. I don’t want to be anywhere and be looking over my shoulders

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: who is coming or who is not coming.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: I won’t do that. In fact, let me shock you, I don’t have the passport.

Bekeme: Wow. I’m shocked. I’m duly shocked.


Bekeme: seriously, I am duly shocked. Wow

Caller: because, I have never had the intention of leaving, but

Bekeme: hmmmm

Caller: I am having a second thought

Bekeme: hmmmm

Caller: the reason I actually, most like to leave, is not for myself, but it’s for children.

Bekeme: Humm Humm

Caller: if it’s only me, I will rush it together. But,

Bekeme: hmmm

Caller: My children, I want them th have a better life, in a place where they know whatever the effort, they make will yield result.

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: That’s my take

Bekeme: Thank you

Caller: I have to go now

Bekeme: Thank you so much. Thank you. Your contribution was very very very useful.



Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Good evening

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: I’m Val, and I’m calling from Isolo

Bekeme: Hello Val from Isolo. What’s your take Val?

Caller: Okay. Hummm. I belong to the group of people who do not want to leave the shores of this country.

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: for a greener pasture oversees. I think in the past, I ha opportunity to experience life over there.

Bekeme: hmmm

Caller: To be honest with you, aside from the fact that you have your security over there. You have social amenities. You know. It’s there that I know that it’s only the ambulances when they are conveying sick people that blow the siren (Call becomes Distinct) there.

Bekeme: hmmmm

Caller: (voices becomes distinct) the government officials you know? After having that kind of experience, somebody will say okay, he wants to go over there because of these issues. But, come to think of it, like the last Caller said, you don’t have your freedom over there. I don’t mean what I am saying is when you break the law, you will go in for it. No. but, you have some many constraints over there. You have to labour. You have to work. You have….

Bekeme: Absolutely. Most people think that it’s legit. You will just travel. Do you know that Nigerians work harder when they go aboard? Work two to three jobs, what they wouldn’t do here.

Caller: exactly. And yeah. Most of the jobs that we do, are the jobs we reject here.

Bekeme: Absolutely. Totally.

Caller: and because of lack of sensitization, our people are craving to go over there.

Bekeme: Yes.

Caller: Exactly. You don’t know what you’re going over there to do.

Bekeme: Hum Hum

Caller: Some people, there is one factor there, that people don’t like to talk about. When you get over there, they get a visa for you. Tourism, is it a tourism visa?

Bekeme: Hummm

Caller: Educational visa.

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: To get those visas there, you get over there. Once your visa expires, you become an illegal immigrant

Bekeme: And then you start hiding up and down, jumping through MacDonald’s window when police come

Caller: and when you don’t, apart from US, where you can do Black jobs, and something of that nature, if you go to Europe, and you don’t have documents, permit of stay, you can’t work.

Bekeme: I hear they take them to far away farms. You will be working like eh, a Jackie.

Caller: Exactly, and the white, they do not like you.

Bekeme: They don’t. I do not want to generalize. But nobody wants anybody barging into their space like that

Caller: Absolutely. I am just telling you. I have an experience over there when I went to shop in a supermarket. When I came out of the supermarket, I saw a group of three people, a girl and two boys. Immediately they saw me, they started running away.

Bekeme: Oh, My goodness!

Caller: They stereotyped you, and assumed you’d be dangerous to them. That makes it scary, and hat make them not want you.

Caller: And what I did was, I looked towards their direction, and I was like, if you’ve not seen a black person before, don’t you have a television in your house?


Caller: exactly. I have this idea that when they came to colonize us the blacks, they didn’t come with our imvitation

Bekeme: No, I hear you loud and clear on that. Loud and clear. It just feels that nemesis is caching up. But..

Caller: exactly

Bekeme: yes, but with the way they is not.. so, they did come without our invitation, but they came strong. We are coming weak.

Caller: Exactly. Coming to beg

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: And you know previously, apart from what is happening now, previously the reason why we move, you just ask yourself, the person that is over there, how does he make his money? How does he earn his living?

Bekeme: I know. They will just be saying send me pounds. Someone that’s working harder than you are here. Working times 3. (chukles)

Caller: you think that when you think get there, you’d win a jackpot, and win your money, without you working for it. No

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: Recently with the level of what is happening in the country. My wife previously said, let’s get over there, and something of that nature, like that…

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: Your kids over there are not yours. Your kids over there are not yours.

Bekeme: Hmm

Caller: Because they have different orientations. (CALL BECOMES DISTICT) The kind of attention you get over here as parents, you can’t get over there.

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: There, 18-year-old would think of how to find his way.

Bekeme: Yes, I get you

Caller: My brother-in-law was kidnapped, and I was trying to unravel the reason why a bank in Nigeria a huge amount of 5.8 million cash, and immediately he stepped out of the bank, he was double crossed, and kidnapped, after collecting the money

Bekeme: Oh Lord


Bekeme: Oh Lord

Caller: (CALL BECOMES DISTINCT) what do you think? What do you believe?

Bekeme: I know. I believe. Thank you, Val. I understand you totally Val. I totally understand you.


It’s just, you know, people must always migrate. The same way with migration abroad, (VOICE BECOMES DISTINCT) is the way Asian are migrating to Nigeria. But most of them are doing it legally. Like I said, economic strong, is this illegal route that is scary me. People are dying, and are going 3, 4 times to witness death more.



Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello Bekeme. Good evening

Bekeme: Hello. Good evening. What’s your name? Thank you for calling the Good Citizen Show

Caller: Ololami

Bekeme: Ololami

Caller: Thank you guys. Thank you for the gifts. Let me contribute to hum, to this your topic today.

Bekeme: Humm

Caller: the thing that they are going in Nigeria is also going outside. I don’t know other person is going out to look for a greener pasture, or for a better tomorrow. No. our educational system, take for example our educational system in Nigeria here, when you graduate, and come out and you’re looking for job and all that, if you go out out there, for professional certificate even get-well paid job than people who have spent so many years in the university.

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: in this country, they don,t encourage people who have professional certificate to have an job. They will tell you what’s your first degree, this and that. And they will be doing all job first job this thinh on application of first degree

Bekeme: But you know that they are facing economic crisis as well. You know that there are people who are homeless in the US, in the UK. Particularly in the US.

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