Good Citizenry: Actioning the Talk

Bekeme Masade-Olowola (Host)              Hi, guys you are listening to the Good Citizen Radio Show. It’s season 4 already episode 3 and I am Bekeme your ‘hostest’ with the ‘mostest’. The show is brought to you by CSR-in-Action every Friday at 8pm on IFM 92.3 and is funded by ACT Foundation which is a grant making organization established in 2016 to support local, national and regional non-profits working in health, environment, entrepreneurship and leadership. They fund the Good Citizen radio show for the obvious reason that we promote citizen leadership, that is all we are about we have a death in our value system and it is something that we know we must address.It is not something we can sweep underneath the carpet, so we are doing everything possible to remind us as Nigerians or even as residents of this great country we have obligations, duties and responsibilities to our dear country, Nigeria. Today, we are going to be talking about a topic that is very dear to my heart “Good Citizenry: Actioning the Talk” literally walking the talk so you meet lots of people in different environment and they tend to have different personalities when they find themselves in different places and you get to see that some people have multiple personalities and we are saying as a good citizen there is always a certain way to be in order to be an example to those around you. Now about Nigeria’s history a little something that you may not know;did you know that Nigeria hold 77% of the total languages spoken on earth, Taraba state alone has more languages than 30 African countries? Now you know.

               So ever wondered what it means to be a good citizen? When we say be polite, be helpful, considerate, be empathetic and be sympathetic but it can be hard when we face the many challenges that we face in our dear country Nigeria and in the world at large from matters of nepotism, corruption and the like and then recently the ban on okadas. People who do not use social media have come out and screaming black and blue over the ban on okada even though I don’t use okadas and tricycles, I have been affected by it because I have people who work with me or are close to me who have to use them and this has been a really troubling time for many. It is something that we discussed on our WhatsApp platform for long periods of time which should it be or is it the alleged release of Boko Haram captives or the kidnappings or theft around us, I say to people I am proudly an old woman I don’t go out at night, I don’t want to know what is happening around, I have to protect myself first and for my family and you just wonder how do we keep calm in this situation, how do we remain responsible people whether in the way we speak or the way we action things without thinking so being a good citizen means you are a part of a group it means that you are a part of solution to that group, you have legal and political rights to be in that group and what that means is that if you think that Nigeria is falling apart it is for you to say well leave them, it is not your responsibility to remove yourself from the situation but it is your responsibility to find a solution to that problem because my brother and sister wherever you hide that problem would come after you. You cannot hide from this challenges and you have to proffer solutions to this challenges, there is no other person to discuss this than our most prolific caller of the good citizen radio show, you and I would find out from her how she first heard about this show and what makes her so attracted to the show.

Her name is Ms Ndidi Nhekwaba she is a Professional Administrator and HR personnel with a post graduate diploma in strategic christian leadership, she has a B.Sc in Business Administration and M.BA in Business Administration as well, with specialty in HR Management she not surprisingly work with the junior church department of her church and have been awarded the most consistent minister in her church again not surprising to me or to all those who listens to the show, I always say hang on did you read my script? Did somebody leak it to you before the show started, she is a very consistent caller, she has been very supportive and we appreciate her support for the show, thank you so much for gracing us with your presence on the Good Citizen Radio show Ndidi. Welcome.

Ndidi    Thank you Bekeme, my name sake like I call you.

Host      Yes, once you say name sake, I am like yes we are on the show and the show has really started. The name Ndidi actually means patience and she has reached out patiently and she has called patiently even when people close say “Oh I tried to call but gave up because I couldn’t reach you” but at least 80% of the time she has tried to call through and her contribution always makes a lot of sense and gets my creative juices thinking. Thank you again for coming on the show Ndidi.

Ndidi    You are welcome

Host      So, Ndidi tell us about you, who are you? And how did you hear about the show.

Ndidi    My name is Ndidi Nhekwaba like my name sake has said, I am a very simple person, I love simplicity and people that are very honest, simplicity and honest draws me close to people. I can relate with anybody, anyhow you want me to relate with you just to make you happy I can relate with you by coming down to your level. Sometimes people think you are something else because they look at you from afar but when they come close to you they get to realise what they have missed all along but while some people you love them from afar but when you get close to them they are not the real deal.

Host      How did you get to know about the show?

Ndidi    Before the show started, you were introducing the show through jingles and I was like Good Citizen? Ok, we would wait for it and thankfully when the time came I got back from work a little early and I said its 8:00 o clock here is my radio, lets listen and know what this show is all about and that very day you came up with your lovely voice and also that intro of yours which is so uplifting and you started the show and I said well this is the kind of show we need in this country to help us adjust our lives if we have been negative in a particular way and to improve upon the one that we have even been positive to do better in those areas, that was how I got to hear the show on Inspiration FM 92.3

Host      Yes, the number one family radio station and now ours is the number one show on the station thanks to committed callers like you. Absolutely it is actually the number one show on this wonderful station thanks to you Ndidi and all those who are encouraged by your calls and the conversations that we have. So where were you born?

Ndidi    In my village

Host      Where is your village

Ndidi    Imo state

Host      And you have been in Lagos for how long?

Ndidi    They brought me to Lagos, I don’t know when, but I did my primary and secondary school here

Host      Here in Lagos and you have been here all through. How has it been? What do you think about citizenship here in Lagos, do you think that you would have been a different thing had you been at home in Imo or its different because you are in Lagos the cosmopolitan city.  

Ndidi    In Lagos, you meet different kinds of people, people you wouldn’t have met if you are down there in your village, Lagos consist of different kinds of people and things you meet. I believe Lagos has more opportunity of legalizing and you achieving your aim than when you are in the village. Even with all the bustle and hustle of Lagos, the running after buses and all.

Host      In every big city, you are supposed to run after the buses, they don’t wait for you

Ndidi    I have been to Mowe Ibadan.

Host      I am saying outside Nigeria, Ibadan is a low key calm city so like I said, in the UK for instance where I briefly stayed to catch a train, because everything was on schedule you would see people running ladies don’t wear high heeled shoe to work they put it in their bags and wear trainers because they have to run to catch the train, no body waits for you. Lagos state government is signaling us to get out our walking shoes to keep moving, well if the Lagos state government can literally tamper with out whether and make it cooler, it won’t be such a bad idea now.

Ndidi    Can they do that?

Host      No they can’t, if only that could happen then we wouldn’t have to complain so much because of walking under the sun.

Ndidi    please Lagos state government tamper with the sun and make it cooler to trekking under it.

Host      So Lagos is a land of opportunities, Lagos is filled with all sort of good bad and the ugly and you have remained sensible in all of these I think sensible is the word because every time that you call the show, I just think to myself this is a sensible person because anytime you call the show you always get where it is coming from your contributions just makes a lot of sense but things like you are thinking the right things already and I would say who is this person, I would like to know this person. So why, what formed that?

Ndidi    First off, thanks to my parents they never allowed us to live anyhow, they brought us up in a Christian way and we followed suit.

Host      Did it mean that they walked the talk? Apart from enforcing the good behavior among the children, did it mean they showed examples themselves?

Ndidi    Exactly they were very good examples. When I was a teenager growing up my mum never allowed me to tie wrapper across my chest and get out of the house, she warned me that any day she saw that she would take the wrapper off me on the street. Even up till now I cannot wear spaghetti and leave the house, she was very kind to a fault but when it comes to discipline a child she doesn’t play with that as well as my dad

Host      So your parent, where they educated?

Ndidi    Not really.

Host      So I am asking this questions because sometimes people say its education and exposure that makes a person, so I really want to know and I am sure our listeners to wants to know the same, so was it secondary school?

Ndidi    I don’t think they even went to secondary school.

Host      But they were able to come to Lagos and say this is what I want of my children, and you have all these degrees, you have siblings?

Ndidi    Yes

Host      Do they have degrees as well

Ndidi    Not all of them

Host      Right, but they are productive members of society. So your parents thought you that this is what you must do and all of that, again we have talked about children whose parents teach them the way they should go but then they grow up and go a different way so what has kept you on track.

Ndidi    First of, is the grace of God. His grace is sufficient for us, that grace always draws us towards him when we want to step astray, the deliberation is always there but when you remember you want to go exploring you get to ask yourself what is the benefit? Are you going to come out better or worse and also when I remember I ask myself what if my parent hears this would they be proud of me? That’s keeps me on track.

Host      So I am going to take a short break and when I come back from you I want to find out if you truly are like this everywhere else. We would go on a short break on the Good Citizen Radio show but before we go remember that every Monday we start our giveaways Hype and Steam and Ryanne John our partners are giving out lots of goodies. Hype and Steam is giving us 3 wrist watches and 5 magnetic lashes, you just need to visit our page @goodcitizenng on Facebook Instagram and Twitter for you to participate in that weekly contest and I would find something to give to you as well so follow me @bekemeo as well to find out what special giveaways I would have for you.

               You are listening to the Good Citizen Radio show, we would be right back.


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               I have had our most consistent, most prolific and outstanding contributor to our radio show Ndidi Nhekwaba on the show and she has been telling us about what makes Ndidi, I wanted to know Ndidi are you like this everywhere? If I where to go to your church, I know you won an award at church but if I was to ask your siblings or your boss who is Ndidi, what would they say?

Ndidi    I can give you his number you are free to talk to him. I am the same person at home, in church, everywhere I am the same person, the same character everywhere.

Host      When somebody upsets you what do you do?

Ndidi    When somebody upsets me, first of all I take a deep breath so I don’t act spontaneously, I sit and look at the person and start thinking of the best way to approach the person whether to talk to the person then or later. It depends on the situation if somebody upsets me sometimes I don’t really talk to that person at that point I calm down and talk to the person later and lay it all down and explain to the person.

Host      Absolutely great, so note to self Bekeme, count to 20 before reacting as you are talking I was thinking about stereotypes in Nigeria, what do you think? I tend to say to people I am half Igbo half Edo, you know us we can be full of ourselves and tend to be proud but then you meet somebody who has this opinion of you just because you come from a certain area or just because you are a woman, do you ever get that? And how do you react when you get that.

Ndidi    Its quite funny sometimes when they talk like that sometimes, people are entitled to their opinion but when you show them that what they think is not the right thing they would just be forced to make an exception of you so don’t fight it just show by example that you are an individual who is different and unique. Don’t generalize, look at the person as an individual and relate with the person as such. I am the HOD of Sunday school and a coordination of the younger church so at least with that I am bringing up the younger ones to be leaders of tomorrow and then the adult too during Sunday school we try to make them realize some things so we that some people have started to take Sunday school seriously.

Host      Maybe I need to start going to Sunday school because anytime the pastor is preaching I always like “hey pastor ehm excuse me” which is never possible.

               I would, its just because I have so many children already so I avoid going to Sunday school, its my break time from child care when I am not at work, that is interesting to hear. So what is your biggest Influence, you have mentioned your parents, faith and believing in yourself, what is that one thing, one person or name that you would call your greatest motivator.

Ndidi    Oh, that is my daddy, he is pastor Jidelola Amao.

Host      Which church is this?

Ndidi     Redeem Christian Church of God, he is a pioneer pastor of my parish and it was like I have known him before I was given birth too if I can say that.

Host       So this is what we say about good citizen, every individual count and the way you relate to that next person can make a huge difference.

Ndidi     He is Yoruba by the way, and he has already left my parish, he is my daddy and the wife my mummy.

Host       This is all we are about, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, your gender, you should just treat everybody with a lot of love and respect, patience and empathy.

                Thank you Ndidi atleast through our conversations you have embodied all of that and I am glad to hear that you actually have a bigger mentor who is guiding you or who has helped continue the path that your parents started off with you, so everyone who is listening out there is an opportunity, Lagos will always be hard, Nigeria will always be hard but we can always remember that we represent something, we make mistakes but we would grow beyond mistakes, we would stand up again and keep our head high and we keep on doing the right thing, don’t be deceived that you are now less than who you are just because something may have happened that you might not have expected. Thank you so much for coming on the Good Citizen show, Ndidi. I really appreciate to have your presence on the show.

                Thank you all who have listened to the Good Citizen show. The Good Citizen show is brought to you by CSR-in-Action and our partners are Hype and Steam and Ryanne John, keep on following us and listening to our conversations, you can contribute either through social media @goodcitzenng or via our WhatsApp platform on 090626344111. Thank you so much to ACT Foundation for funding this initiative in leadership, it is not common to find donors who are willing to support leadership and we thank you so much for your support, listen to this show every Friday at 8pm on Ifm 92.3 you are listening to Bekeme on the Good Citizen Radio show and I wish you all a fabulous Friday.  

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