Dealing With Unwanted Guests


Bekeme Masade-Olowola (Host): Hi Guys! It’s Bekeme. a.k.a mummy G.O.., and we are now live on the Good Citizen Show. Hi guys on Instagram. On Instagram live  @goodcitizenng.  How are you all doing today? It will be nice to hear from you. Just calling to check up on me, and tell us how you are doing today. So, we have quite a few announcement today. I want to touch on a little…  on a few number of things before I get to the crux of why we are here today. And I also  wanted to say, if you could call in to tell me how you enjoyed last week show where we talked to Tari Taylaur, who ran for Councilor in the Eti-Osa area, and who is still battling for her mandate. I mean that was the first time ever, ever for me, that I ever saw any promo, or any fliers around pressing for the office of councilor. You know, usually this thing are just typically hidden. It was from that discussion, that I did found out that it’s intentional. Because they don’t want you to come out and vote, you know?! Again, big kudos to Tarri for putting herself forward, for everything she is doing under the radar. For taking that bold step. You know it is not easy. It’s not easy at all. And to see that she was actually handpicked for that position as a result of everything she has been doing, was just mind blowing.So, well done again Tari, for all of your work, all of your efforts around leadership.

I hope you all listening, will just sit back, and reflect. You know, even if I host this show, though I host this show, every time that I have a discussion with someone, or listening to a caller, I start thinking about the things I can do differently, you know, it’s always, always an opportunity. But guys, let me just say this about COVID -19.  COVID-19 is not totally gone. And people are still dying from COVID-19. People tell me, you know, I have never had, and everything, people have had various symptoms, and you know have treated themselves, and have gotten better. But then the truth is that we actually have had a upsurge, and the situation in Nigeria is not something to joke about. Let me just give you figures. As at 3pm today, the NCDC recorded that Lagos alone has had 604 death, and then you know, and across Nigeria it’s been 2000. You know that it’s not possible that Lagos has had the highest death. This is just what we have in numbers. So, It’s actually worse than this. And I actually know people who are still being tested positive for it, and people are reacting differently to it. So, even if it not just for yourself, even if it’s for an older person, or someone who has a compromised immune system, please do what you have to do. You know, don’t touch things you don’t have to, cough into your elbow.  Remember to wash your hands, sanitize your hands, maintain social distancing, and wear your face masks; face masks are now a dime in dozen. People are using hankies. Just something, just protect yourself. 

 And I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Chike Ihekweazu, the DG NCDC, who was recently appointed as the Assistant DG of Health Emergency, World Health Organization. Well done Sir! We need to keep the Nigerian flag flying. Just… it’s weird when though, you know,  outside the country we do see a lot of Nigerians doing so well. What is happening within Nigeria? What can we do differently?  I know, that’s why we have this Show, and I have people who say, “Bekeme, who send you this message?” and you know, it’s been despondent time, this is the time when we actually need to talk about this more. If… unless of course, we want to end up like Afghanistan, and have people desperately hanging to the wheels of ascending airplanes, you know?! We don’t want to get into that desperate situation. That’s why we need to do things that we need to do. And that is why we are also still calling on the government to increase efforts: to stopping banditry, and helping kids that have been kidnapped. The ones in Zamfara is the recent one, they need to take action. I don’t care about anybody’s relative coming from across the borders. I don’t care. You know, Nigeria is a nation, that’s not about ethnicity alone. It’s about that fact that nation state have boundaries. They have legal boundaries. I don’t care whether you have a relative who is from Mali or who whatever, and is the same child as you, and you say they are the bad egg, but you can’t stop them. Well, you can stop them, because this is Nigeria. You know, and Nigeria is made up of people of different tribes. We are accommodating. We are who we are. But everything needs to be done legally. Anybody who is coming into Nigeria, they have to be properly accounted for, and we have to be the irk that we want. We are already overpopulated. We need to manage what goes on. So, let’s be good citizen at every citadel of government. It’s not just about the average person, ok?!

And, I also wanted to use this opportunity to announce that our CAHR Awards is back. You know, initially we were doing the call for nominees to win the CAHR Awards – the Community For Human Rights Awards – and now, you have nominated people from across Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbawe, South Africa and more. Last year, we had the likes of Aisha Yesufu, Dr. Ngozi Ikonjo- Iweala, She Leads Africa, amongst others winning awards. You just need to go and vote. Go and vote, That is www to vote. Do, please share on all social media handles. Copy us. You don’t know. We might be good to you. Just do something for us to encourage really people who are working in their communities. We just want to encourage them, and you know, to recognize them for their efforts. It’s not just about entertainment all the time; these people who are the live blood of our nation.

Remember, we still have ‘Things Dey Happen’ on Radio and it’s on Inspiration FM, every Tuesday at 11:35 am to 11:50 am.  I can tell you, it’s been blessing lives, all across the sout,  because we still on the pidgin version. Hausa version is coming for the North. But, ‘Things Dey Happen’ Radio Drama, if you go on our social media @csr_in_action, you will find out more about “Things Dey Happen”. Alright!

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It’s  a lot of things to talk about, but finally we are here, were we want to talk about, dealing with unwanted guest… dealing with unwanted guest… And I’m sure many of you. would have guessed what it is we want to talk here today. Who are these unwanted guests? I’m sure many of you who are conversant with digital media, you know Instagram, and the likes…. digital media. You read news online now. So, I guess a lot more people read news, even WhatsApp, you must heard how operatives of the EFCC forced their way into the house of Dorathy, who was a constentant – former BBN constentant – and when it happened, she did a video, and she shared it online. Obviously, there was a loud hullabaloo. Everybody was complaining, and all of that… and EFCC released information to say that they had a search warrant. They forced their way when there was no response. They claimed that 9 fruadstrers were arrested. The important thing is I really don’t know what happened at Dorathy’s house. I didn’t see any fraudsters been apprehended, but what I I know is that the first time I heard about this was six weeks ago, where a woman had actually also done social media post, and announcing how her house, not her house, she was in an hotel, sleeping, and then her door was broken down, people badged in, and she looked up surprised. Obviously she boldly asked, “What is going on?” and they said, “Oh! we are looking for a man”, “which man?”, and eventually, they said “Sorry, wrong identity” or whatever.

So, what I am saying in essence as though we have ended SARS, and we brought in a new regime of terror from another arm of government. You know?! This is not the way we can continue leaving in this country. Nigerians on social media now tagging EFCC, “Sars Junior”… and they seem to forget that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. In that case, it seems like everybody is guilty until proven innocent. They treat “suspects” as they would treat criminals… and you know what is surprising is that you will actually read about a politician, see where a politician is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars on video, and nobody is breaking down their door. Now, I’m not saying that smaller crimes should be allowed, because bigger crimes are being allowed. I am just saying, how about using that much fervence to pursue everything, among all citidels. Why is that some people seem to be above the law? And why is it that, we just to treat ourselves poorly? Because at the end of the day, these people who work with whatever security agency are actually Nigerians. Why is it okay to treat fellow Nigerian in such an inhumane manner? How can you just barge into people’s homes, and leave in trail of panic shrinking, horrified, and emotionally traumatise citizens in your wake?

I’m sure many of you have heard of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I had to help once. She was from Adamawa State, and she didn’t last up to two months with me, cos’ she still suffered PTSD. She was one of young women, who were seized from a higher institution in Kaduna, I beg your pardon, Maiduguri. She was seized from that school, and was in Sambisa for over a month. She lost track of time. And you know what? When they eventually, when this people eventually, she sorted herself out. No one rescued her; She found her way out into Cameroun, and those military guys, you know, there was an hand shake with the authority, and they passed her over. And she suffers PTSD, and she tells me, no support, no physiological support is provided anymore. And then you have people leaving in township,and their homes being barge into. It’s abysmal. So, I think, the conversation today is how do you deal with the intruders? What happens when unwanted guests claim ownership of your living room. What do you do? I mean, I have some ideas, I ‘d like to share some insights with you as to what you must do when this kind of things happens. And the number to call is 0700923923923.

A special reminder before we go on a short break, that one of our callers on the show today would be receiving a goody back, courtesy Foodempire_chakiki. I love that name Chakiki.  One caller will take home goody bag with all sort of yummy food from foodenpire_chakiki. We do have a call.

I can  take that call before we go on a break.


Caller: Good afternoon. From Ikeja

Bekeme: Good afternoon, What’s your name please?

Caller: (line breaking)

Bekeme: I can’t hear you well

Caller: Can you hear me?

Bekeme: Yes, go on please

Caller: These early intruder from the government invading into my privacy when I don’t have any business with them, I’ll call that… (line breaks)

Bekeme: You will do what?

Caller: If I am that very woman in that hotel that (line breaks) intruder into her privacy, (line breaks) at home, (line breaks), I will report that police or DSS (line breaks)

Bekeme: (chuckles) you will report them back to….( laughs). Oga, these are people who barge in with guns.

Caller: I will do it. Let the law takes it’s course. Thank you!

Bekeme: Thank you so much for calling. I know it’s righteous anger, but I am not sure that’s the best action to take. We will go on a short break, and be right back on the good citizen show.

{{ BREAK }}

Hi guys, welcome back to The Good Citizen Show, it’s still Bekeme, aka Mummy G. O. and we’ve been talking about forced entry: dealing with unwanted guests. In this case, we’ve been looking at the EFCC. EFCC operatives forcefully gaining entry into people’s homes. We talked about the case of Dorathy, and we also talked about another woman who shared her incident on social media. And they are not just the only people. When I went on that woman’s post. On the post that includes that woman’s experience…. We have a caller

Bekeme: Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! Can you hear me?

Caller: Yes, I can hear you Bekeme. Godd evening

Bekeme: Good evening. I like the way you called my name, like we are friends. What’s your name, please?

Caller: Ololami

Bekeme: Olalami, thank you for calling the show. What is your take on these?

Caller: Yes! I have watched a lot of criminal investigation channels, and all that. You know, normally, due diligence is always done by all the security outfits. You Understand?!

Bekeme: Absolutely

Caller: Before they carry out this bombardment, or how do I put it…

Bekeme: Yes .

Caller:…. The must have done a lot of investigation, gone around, do a lot of monitorining. That, I see is missing in the EFCC….

Bekeme:  Humm! Humm!! Humm!!!

Caller: Most of them barge into people unannounced, and they end up not getting to where they are going to.

Bekeme: Yes .

Caller: They need to go and do alot of reorientation, and training…. Train and train

Bekeme: True..

Caller: because like the first caller earlier said, we have every right to protect yourself you don’t know what is……… Government officials

Bekeme: Yes…

Caller: You trying to attack first first is not…. even the court would actually like you invaded into his privacy.

Bekeme: Yes, it’s just dangerous  okay. If the people have guns, it’s just dangerous to try to attack or defend in this case.

Caller: … if they are going to like, okay, invade somebody, at least they would have announced, yes, it’s an official of EFCC, something, something, something before they would even say anything…Okay, they are the right people. You understand, because these kind of bombardment, they don’t normally give you search warrant, or anything

Bekeme: Yes. So, you’re touching in some of the points. Absolutely.

Caller: Yes. It’s not something there would give a search warrant or something. Kind of an underground assignment they do, so I think there is a need to go and do a lot of teamwork, and do it properly, according to International best practices. At the end of the day, it doesn’t access their employees or their staff cos a lot of people would want to defend themselves. So, they need to do a lot of due diligence in carry out their duties. Thank You Bekeme. Bye!

(End calls)

Bekeme: Thank you so much Olami. You’re very very very right. That’s the first thing that I see wrong.

It doesn’t appear to be due diligence done. They keep on saying, “Oh sorry! Wrong Identity”. ” Oh sorry! Wrong apartment”. I mean sorry doesn’t take away the PTSD that the person has to deal with. Sorry doesn’t take away a possible loss of live. Okay! That training is what seems to be missing across all of the security agencies. I mean I was watching. I watched the story about Zambia president , who just appointed his former detainer, the person who was in charge of his detention in prison under the former regime, and he appointed him the Assistant DG of Correctional Facilities because, he said, he was duly impressed by professionalism of the man. Can we say truly say that of, you know, our security personnel?  You must do a job, yes. There are criminals, undoubtedly so. But, how do you go about it?

Firstly, due diligence. Secondly, you ought to know first. I mean, all of the cases that I’m reading about, all the cases that I’m hearing about, it’s about barging in. Just because you feel like you have a gun. You  have a gun, somebody else may have a gun. It’s not even safe for the officers.

Alright. The first thing I would say to us, even though your first reaction is to pour acid, or do something to protect yourself, if you…. most of the time, you’re not in that situation. Firstly is to cooperate. Really, you don’t want to lose your life over these. Firstly is to cooperate. Ask the relevant questions. Ask the right questions, but cooperate. And you don’t need to…, secondly, if they are doing the right thing, ask for a search warrant, if they say, “Oh, I’m supposed to be in your house, I’m EFCC, blah blah blah blah blah blah; how about asking them to show you a search warrant with your name, and address on it. It doesn’t mean it’s going to end automatically. Because I have even seen, even in the US, you know and I actually would love to watch CSI type investigations. And I have seen cases where the police barge in, wrongful identity, and they still detain the person for hours. I saw one where the woman was stark naked, trying to sleep, and they barge in. And these happened. But it does reduce the instances.

I see comments on Instagram, and Ruth Pillar says, “we love to copy a lot of things, and these stem from what is seen in movies, and then adopted.” And she says, “People need to be aware of their fundamental human rights to begin. We let a lot of things go because we are not yet informed about certain laws to begin with. These barge-ins could give room for increase crime, cos bad meaning citizen could use it as an opportunity to oppress people.”

Absolutely! Because, you might think, oh it EFCC again, and speaking to due diligence, that Ololami has touch upon, I was reading, and I was mentioning, before her call came in that, the lady had under her post, the lady whose hotel room was barged into; A lot of people were saying, oh is that P hotel in Lekki phase 1. It’s that P hotel. The name starts with a P, it happens there constantly. So, If I were you, if I was searching for accomadation, I would do my due diligence as well. I don’t want to sleep in an hotel where there’s a chance that someone would burst into my room at night, and point a gun at me, or any such thing. So, there’s a Responsibility on you.


Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hi! Good evening

Bekeme: Hi! Good evening, what’s your name?

Caller: My name is Omoniyi

Bekeme: Omoniyi, thank you for calling the good citizen show. What’s Up?!

Caller: Yes, towards the Radio show, and I would to contribute in this manner.

Bekeme: Absolutely

Caller: Watching a TV series, I listened to a judge say to a lady, if there’s no justice, then what’s just?

Bekeme: HmHmm!.

Caller: So, if you feel that you have the right to barge into somebody’s apartment, hotel rooms, you know, for security purposes, and at the end of the day, you’re found wrong, it’s only legal within the laws for you to compensate them

Bekeme: Absolutely

Caller: It is only within the law for you to compensate

Bekeme: Absolutely

Caller: Now the degree of compensation is not only to properties, but also to the human lives.

Bekeme: hummm

Caller: Because if somebody is suffering from Post Truamtic…

Bekeme: Stress Disorder

Caller: You have to be there to help that person

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Not only to pay financial compensation, but other form of compensation.

Bekeme: Yes, I agree

Caller: To help out things right. I think court room lacks justice. That’s why anything goes. We don’t know what is just in the country anymore.

Bekeme: hmmmmm

Caller: Thank you. That was why I called.

Bekeme: Thank you very much Omoniyi Thank you so much for that

(Call end)

Bekeme: Very true what you have said. I mean all that sorry, it doesn’t do anything. And it speaks to what Ruth have said. I think we need to speak justice. These things happens to us, let us not just mourn about it. . Let’s seek formal, legal redress, sometimes, it may end nowhere. But you see, more people officially make complain. Because typically people go on social Media they talk about this, they talk about that. There are formal channels to pursue… pursue them to their logical conclusion, or in the case like Nigeria, often times, illogical conclusion. But do try to pursue them, because it will be a deterrent. We’ve seen things happen. Yes, End SARS, sadly people lost their lives, but you see things change. At least, we ended SARS. You know?! So, @Kingdomaxe is saying , ‘this people should be made to identify themselves by name infact, so they can be reported.” I agree. Especially when you find out he is not a criminal. It’s EFCC. Find out their names, take their number, and take note of it, and make a formal report.

Kindgomaxe says… we have another call.


Bekeme: Hello! final call before we end. Hello! Hello!!


Bekeme: Oh, we lost that call

I would say do call back 0700939393 if you can.

Kingdom axe says, “No knock warranty is typically used for drug or gun related arrest. For other types of alleged crime, then officers need to knock first and must hand over the search warrant.”

We say again to round up. It is wrong for then to destroy properties under the guise of looking for evidence, and that is where compensation comes in. I mean, you all are….. and I hope that the commission, EFCC, other security agents are listening. Many of you, all of you, travel aboard. You know what happens. Do the right thing. Nobody is condoning criminality. Just do the right thing.

And as I say to citizens, make sure that you do try to comply as well. If you there’s a knock, answer the door, ask what they want, ask for a search warrant. You know that even sometimes you corporated, few bad eggs will make it wrong for you. You know take note of the patrol car number, and their badges. And for those who may just devise standards, and who may end up answering the door, make sure you clarify that you’re a guest. No go carry gobe on top your head.

Thank you, so much for contributing to the good citizen show. On our social media handles, we would announce who the winner of the gift from foodempire_chekiki.

Do join us next week Friday at 5:30pm on Inspiration Fm. My name is Bekeme, and you’ve been listening to the good citizen show, proudly sponsored by ACT foundation. Brought to you by CSR-in-Action. Have a great weekend

Bye! Bye!!

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