Can Corruption Be Eradicated In Nigeria?

Hi guys! It’s Bekeme, Mummy G. O. People laugh, like which mummy G. O. You’re listening to The Good Citizen Show. It’s brought to you by CSR-in- Action, and as you heard, sponsored by ACT Foundation. And I am really excited by today, cos I’ve just come from playing a round of tennis, and I am energised. I am ready to give to you hot.

And a lot of things have happened today that actually sort of riled me up. And I was like, “God, this country! This Nigeria! What do we do?”  But……hummm some things we’ve got to talk about before we actually go I to the crux of the matter.

Today, hummm, things dey happen. Remember, the drama, “Things Dey Happen” radio drama? It’s still ongoing. Did you remember to listen to episode 5 last week? Hummm, episode 5 saw Maggie, our protagonist, actually reports to the D.P.O. that she been sexually abused. But, guess what? D.P.O. and his guys are in Oga Solo’s pocket. And there’s nothing to be heard then. Oga Solo is trying to cover atrocities, and he also has a lawyer wife, who helps cover all of his shenanigans. What happens next?

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Anyway, today we are talking about corruption. Can corruption be eradicated in Nigeria? This is something that is a household discussion in Nigeria. You know in the UK, they always talk about the weather, but in Nigeria, it’s corruption. And we need to talk about it.

What is corruption? Corruption is the dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribing. So, from this, we are saying it’s not limited to bribing. So, if you’re a public officer, and you say, “I haven’t received a bribe yet”, but you know there are some other things that you do, that you cannot report to someone else, you cannot be beat your chest and say that you do in the public sphere, then you know you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

We are in Nigeria, there are a lot of things that happens that just irk me. We complain, but honestly, it just feel that we have little love for ourselves.

Hummm, we already have a Caller. When it’s corruption matters, people don’t joke.


Caller: Hello…

Bekeme: Hello. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Joyce

Bekeme: Hello Joy. Can corruption be eradicated from Nigeria?

Caller: Yes

Bekeme: Thank you. That’s a positive note to start the conversation. So, why and how?

Lines breaks

Bekeme: Why and how…. Why do you believe corruption can be eradicated from Nigeria? And do you think?

Caller: I can’t hear you ma

Bekeme: Hello…. So, we’ve lost that call because we couldn’t hear. We have another call. Hello

Caller: Good evening

Bekeme: Good evening! Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Bekeme: Your name is Ola?

Caller: Yes

Bekeme: Thank you for calling. So, can Corruption be eradicated from Nigeria?

Caller: Yes

Bekeme: Fantastic

Caller: And absolutely, it can be eradicated

Bekeme: How? And why? Why do you believe so? And do you believe it can be done

Caller: Nigerians, Nigerian, they love bribe. You know what I trying to say

Bekeme: Right

Caller: If you introduce death penalties, these have been done in many countries. I think it’s China

Bekeme: If you introduce what?

Caller: Death penalties

Bekeme: Penalties, right!

Caller: You understand now?

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: That will actually solve it

Bekeme: I agree. But don’t you think we have penalties? Are we actually exercising the power to penalize?

Caller: Nigerians, if…. Nigerians, they love that. If death penalties is introduced now, we introduced this death penalty, honestly, most of them will never do it.

Bekeme: (Laughs)

Caller: ……. At the end of the day, they go to judges, bribe them, and then they come back to the court, and eventually they give them 7,  7  maybe 7 years, 2 years. It can’t be eradicate that way.

Bekeme: Yeah

Caller: They should quickly introduce death penalties. Believe me within a year, that’s the truth, it will be eradicated.

Bekeme: Alright, Thank you Ola


I do believe that corruption can be eradicated. And I think that we should not even go as far the death penalties, It just really following through. I think that is a major major problem.

Humm, you hear about, when they started saying people will evaluated if they did certain things on the road, if they were driving, and all of that..

Do we have another call? Hello..


Caller: Hello..

Bekeme: Hello! What’s your name, please?!

(Line ends)

Bekeme: we lost that call.

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello!

(Call ends)

Bekeme: We lost another call


So, I was saying that when the Lagos State Government introduced that measure, that people will be reevaluated. People were scared at first. Like imagined that they will take you for psychiatric evaluation for driving in a funny way on the road. Would you want to do it again? You don’t even need to go as far as a death penalty.

Also, I was also saying earlier that it doesn’t seems like a respected….

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Good evening

Bekeme: Hello, good evening. Is this Ndidi?

Caller: is this who?

Bekeme: Hello! Okay what’s your name?

Caller: Yeah, my name is Ruth. And I wanted to say thank you very much

Bekeme: Hello Ruth. I was like, it is either Ndidi or Ruth. You all sound so sweet and girly.

Caller: Thank you to Chakiki Food Empire. I mean..

Bekeme: You got it? Fantastic

Caller: (Laughs)

Bekeme: Fantastic

Caller: It was a very big package

Bekeme: Wow

Caller: Yeah

Bekeme: So, we are not describing it well enough to urge other callers to win from chakiki

Caller: Yeah

Bekeme: _Foodempire. Thank you, Ruth

Caller: I had to call to make sure that I say my thanks publicly. Thank you very much

Bekeme: Thank you for calling Ruth. Do you have any opinion whether corruption can be eradicated?

Caller: (unclear voice)… Online, I don’t know if I should to say it again

Bekeme: What’s that?

Caller: I already (lines breaks) the topic

Bekeme: Okay, but you can say it

Caller: Personally, I don’t think corruption can be eradicated in Nigeria

Bekeme: (Laughs)

Caller: Because, even the developed countries, there is corruption there. It is not as pronounced as it is here. I feel the way we can handle it is to reward excellence, and punish…

(Calls Cuts)

Bekeme: Thank you Ruth. So, I get your point. So, the question whether corruption can be eradicated is not really that it will be total eradicated

(Calls Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Hello, good evening. What’s your name?

Caller: Good evening

Bekeme: (Laughs) What’s your name, please?

Caller: My name is Ify

Bekeme: Ify, thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. So, what’s your take? Can corruption be eradicated?

Caller: It can be eradicated if we deploy technology; if we automate our system

Bekeme: That’s another angle. Like the way we are doing our National Identity (NIN), BVN, those things, right?!

Caller: Yes. And also, just like they do in the universities, the lecturer

Bekeme: (Chuckles)

Caller:  They put up their details, the civil servants, their payments details, that way you could see ghost workers

Bekeme: Hmmmm. Yes! Yes!! That leads to the TSA. Things like the TSA – The Treasury Single Account. All the money being paid into a collective portal. Fantastic. Thank you. That’s a very valid contribution.


Again, its compliance that is the issue. When you have people like JAMB say, “We don’t want to pay in there?” What now happens?

(Call comes in)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Hello. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller:  My name is Patience. Good evening Madam

Bekeme: Your name is Patience?

Caller: Yes, Madam

Bekeme: Alright. Thank you for calling the Show. What’s up?! Can corruption be eradicated in Nigeria?

Caller: I feel we should not give room for wishes. We should believe in ourselves.

Bekeme: We should believe in ourselves in what particular way?

Caller: If you’re rich, people tend to worship you

Bekeme: Hmmm, I agree. We put too much stock in being wealthy. Yes, how do we do that? How do we take away the power of wealth, of leaving the power of luxury?

Caller: By honest and being hard work

Bekeme: By encouraging honesty and hard work. That is why we are doing the CAHR Awards actually, cos it seems like people who lack morals are rewarded with millions. That’s why we are doing the CAHR Awards.

(Calls Ends)


Thank you! Thank you so much Patience. Vey very valid points. It felt you were looking at my notes.

(Calls Comes in)

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Hello. What’s your name?

Caller: Semiu, calling from Festac

Bekeme: Semiu, calling from Festac, thank for calling. So, what’s your take? Can corruption be eradicated in Nigeria?

Caller: Yes, it can be eradicated.

Bekeme: Fantastic. And how do you think?

Caller: By implanting our laws. The problem with this country…

Bekeme: Ours?

Caller: Laws

Bekeme: Yes! Thank you

Caller: The only thing that’s the problem with this country is that we make laws, and we don’t implement it

Bekeme: Yeah! I agree

Caller: Many countries, when they make laws, they implement it

Bekeme: Hum Hum

Caller: To the extent that they implement with penalties, and even capital punishment.

Bekeme: Hmm Hmm

Caller: That’s the problem. If we can implement our laws, monitor I, and make sure that whether your brother or anybody that breaks the law..

Bekeme: Humm Hum

Caller: (Voice becomes unclear)

Bekeme: Humm Hum. I liked that point, whether it’s your brother. Hum Hum. I agree

(Call End)


Thank you very much. I agree. It doesn’t matter who it is. So, that’s another thing. All of us, we say it’s our uncle. It’s our this… So, bad guys will now full everywhere


(Call Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Arinze.

Bekeme: Arinze! What are your thoughts on this matter? Good Afternoon

Caller: We start by eradicating poverty in Nigeria. Those are the tools the politician uses against the masses

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Are you getting? If we get rid of the poverty in Nigeria. Are you getting it? We can do more and reduce the hunger in Nigeria

Bekeme: But…

Caller: You will not promise me that you want me give me rice, you want to give 10,000, go and vote

Bekeme: But that’s the thing. So, if you continue taking money to vote for somebody who isn’t right for you, how is it going to change?

Caller:  If we eradicate the hunger

Bekeme: How?

Caller: Are you getting me? That’s tools the Government uses against us.

Bekeme: True! I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. But I am saying..

Caller: The next problem now…. if we solve this one now, there is no much hunger that you can sell your vote to someone that’s not credible, that will do the right thing.

Bekeme: Hum Hum

Caller: When you are hungry, that you can vote the right person. Corruption starts from there. Just from that place. No matter what you will do, you say do this one, do that, a hunger man is an angry man. He will always look for a way to feed his family. Every other thing will follow suit

Bekeme: Thank you. But I was just going to ask, have you heard of mental poverty? Cos, it seems like that is the problem with Nigerians. Because people who have also seem to be more hungry, even greedier than people who don’t have.

So, I don’t know whether poverty is the solution. How do you eradicate poverty when the people are encouraging poverty?

So, the example that you gave as regard selling vote. I actually have it in my note and I was going to say, If you truly have hope, and you truly believe that Nigeria can work for you, how then do you not have the strength of will to say no to 5k, 10k?

(Calls Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is Ayo. I am calling from Festac

Bekeme: You’re calling from Festac. Hello Ayo from Festac. What do you think? Can corruption be eradicated, and how?

Caller: I will try and support the former caller and try to answer your question. I understand the issue, your point of poverty, and I also agree with him too

Bekeme: Okay

Caller: People are actually doing what they are doing, in terms of poverty, voting for the wrong person, see, it’s true the five thousand they gave me is not the best, but without that 5,000, I will not be able to see tomorrow.

Bekeme: And after that 5,000 you could still die before the next election, because it will get worse, cos’ you have voted in a monster.


Bekeme: Hello. I think we’ve lost that caller


I think it’s worse. I think it’s worse. It’s a vicious cycle. 5k cannot take you far in this country oh. I don’t know if there’s anything that is less than N100. I spend at least double on what I spend for on foodstuffs alone. It irks me. It does. It irks me.

And I think that we encourage this bad behaviour. Take for instance, Hushpuppi. Everybody knew even before Hushpuppi was apprehended, his wealth was fraudulent. All of you rushed to follow him. To see what? To see how you want to hammer. Hammer what for Christ’s sake?

And then.

(Call Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello. Hello

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Hello. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is John, from AJ

Bekeme: From AJ. What’s up?! Can poverty be eradicated?

Caller: Yeah! As we all… What is on ground now about corruption whether it will be eradicated in Naija, it’s possible

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: If the eradication will start from us

Bekeme: Humm Humm

Caller: And secondly, as for…. just the man who called now said, If they can eradicate poverty in Nigeria, especially the downtrodden, because they are the people they deceive. They will tell them, give them 2 cups of rice, they go and fall for line and vote for them. They want you to go and vote for them, they bring money, say, ‘No, I will not sell my birthright.”

Bekeme: They should know that. Nigeria is our country. These leaders are individuals like us. So, the people have to be firm for it to change.

Caller: The people that are luring them into accepting what they give to them. These are the people campaigning with their (unclear voice)

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: People that go on foot. They people go in from room to room. Asking you if you vote for this, they wil give you this and that

Bekeme: (Sighs)

Caller: But if we can recheck it, it is possible. Or stiff penalties

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: This our democracy that we’re practicing now, it is not possible to implement a stiff law, because it is there already with them.

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: That’s what I can contribute. Thank you very much madam

Bekeme: Thank you sir so much for your contribution


It’s just craazzy. I am not sure we can go a break. (Laughs) I have so much to say. You all have so much to say. But I was talking about Hushpuppi. And you know, Facebook refused to shut down his page, because they know what you want. Instagram, they know what you want. They know that Nigerians want to go and google.

I was reading, I have been reading Segun Adeniyi book, called “From fry pan to fire”. He gave it to me. I was in Abuja yesterday. I met him at the Seun Musa Yar’Adua center, and he gave me his book, and I have been reading that book, and I have been like, “what on earth?”.

(Call Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello..

Caller: This is Usman from Obalende

Bekeme: Your name is?

Caller: Usman from Obalende

Bekeme: Hello. Usman from Obalende. What’s up? Can it be eradicated?

Caller: Am a first time Caller

Bekeme: Hi. So, we need to shake for you. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. I hope you continue calling. (Shekere shakes) So, now that we’re struggling with who to give our food empire_chakiki meal, so when it’s our first time Caller. So what’s up?!

Caller: Hello

Bekeme: Yes, Usman, I can hear you

Caller: (Talks unclearively)

Bekeme: Ah! We don’t want LASTMA to catch you. Please, use your hands free biko. Use your hands free.

(Call Comes In)

Bekeme: We have another Caller. Hello…. Hello. It doesn’t appear that this Caller actually called through


I’ve got a message from WhatsApp from Ope Asheru, saying, “Can you eradicate a culture?”

Yes, you can. Because you know, even the western culture of today, there were things that were accepted in the past that are not. Even from dressing, the way that they dressed, the languages that were spoken, these things have changed, and can change. The people need to be intentional.

I was talking about fellowship. You go and follow FFK, that today he will say God forbid,  it is Almajiri congress. Tomorrow, he will say I have met the best president in the world. I am tired. I can even blame them. I blame you people that go and follow, and be rolling rolling, dash me something. Let bread touch my hand. How do you say it? Cut me soap.

(Call Comes In)

Bekeme: Hello

Caller: Hello, good evening

Bekeme: Hello, good evening. Thank you for calling The Good Citizen Show. What’s your name?

Caller: My name is David. I am calling from Isheri- Osun

Bekeme: Hello, David from Isheri-Osun. What do you think? Can corruption be eradicated in Nigeria?

Caller: To be very very honest with you, you know?! It’s just like a culture among our politicians. You know, the so-called elites in our country.

Bekeme: The elites or the people?

Caller: The only way out now, like the last caller rightly said, something…. The best thing is to reject them.

Bekeme: Thank you

Caller: And reject their so-called money. So, outrightly doing that, that is just the only way our in the situation we find ourselves now. Let me just say to that. You know, that was like, 5 days ago, I was just in the market to buy a paint of just a beans, you know?! It was like N900 or a thousand naira.

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: Now, It’s N2,900

Bekeme: It’s crazy

Caller: The same quality. The same beans

Bekeme: It’s crazy

Caller: That was very common for the masses before, you know. Just want them to look into that. Now, the everything, the so called the garri now, for the last two years, I stop taking garri by the way

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: The so-called paint of this thing now is a thousand and eight hundred in the market over there.

Bekeme: hmmmm

Caller: The only way out is just to let them know, there is a lot (lines break) over here, they are coming down to ripe. The harvest is waiting for them

Bekeme: Hmmm

Caller: For the masses over there, the best thing for you is to resist them. They gave you five thousand, let me just back it up with the scriptures the word of God.

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: It looks like Esau and Jacob

Bekeme: Hmmmm

Caller: He said something to the younger brother, you know what, I am hungry right now, you just give me food

Bekeme: Hmmmmm

Caller: (Voice becomes unclear) He settled for less because of food

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: It’s the right time for the masses over here now, for you just to plan your future and for to stop settling for less

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: Ten thousand, five thousand is not enough for a family man in a day

Bekeme: Yes

Caller: I am not trying to be, you know, five thousand in a country now is nothing. Dollar now is almost N600 to a dollar

Bekeme: Yes! Pounds is almost 800, 775 or something like that. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous.

Caller: It’s the time for the masses over there, these people, the demonic people, people that have sold their heart already. You know they are heartless. They have not passion, they have nothing for the people. And they coming with N5000, and you settle for less for another 4 years. The same set of people. See the so called FFK now, he said something on national TV last night, he has no apology to anybody. You know, these are the same set…

Bekeme: These are the people some people want to be like. Say, I want to be like you. I am ashamed of you. All of you. Wo! Wo!! Wo!!!

Caller: Settle for them for the next 4 years. Thank you so much

Bekeme: Thank you so much


And this is why, and people you know, it’s not about the leadership. It’s about the people. We are the enablers. So, you follow, you go and follow Abacha’s children. To learn what? And then you becloud your mind with bad behavior.


Do you think that when you enter office, you will be better behaved? You know what the bible says? Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speakth. Now, you have punished your brain with all sorts of things, and you think when it’s your turn. I was talking about Segun Adeniyi’s book, he was talking about trafficking, from fry pan to fire, he was talking about trafficking, and you know, people always travelling out looking for better opportunities. People will always find opportunities in this life. You will always look for better place, whether it’s in Nigeria, or outside Nigeria. But when you are trying to seek that path illegally, you have to consider many things. Because, if you think that you’ve lost hope here, eh! it’s worse. The travails that people go though, and if you have any hope whatsoever, why don’t you stay back, and refuse, and choose the right person, and then try to force the right person to be accountable.

Why not? Because let me tell you, wherever you think you going through illegally, through the desert, whether it’s through Mali, whether it’s through Niger republic, where they are now treating people like slaves, and you know they don’t want you there. They don’t want you there. What’s worse is that the people that you’re going to, they are thinking of you as people without direction. Just were the educated in the country like the US, what has that education done for us here? Who this education help if we cannot seem to work together as a people?

We have natural resources; we are saying that “it’s a useless cause.” No it’s not a useless cause, if this countries that are behaving, that thriving, if they have the resources that we have, they will do well. What’s our problem? It’s us.

We enter leadership, eventually we enter leadership. So, if you are so angry, and have hope, then be hopefully. Do not sell your birthright. It’s very important that you do that. Think of the country like Singapore, and Lee Kan Woo who entered into office, I think it was in 1959, and the things he managed to do. A small country that have been compared to Lagos, they managed to turn things around. And like someone said earlier, you cannot totally eradicate corruption. But you can actually manage the Humin of Humans.

Avarice is in us but it can be managed. This is where us the people, and the right leadership comes in. And what did Lin kan Woo do in Singapore? He created this corruption practices Investigative Bureau. I mean it’s probably the equivalent of EFCC. Guess what? He gave them an autonomy. And you know, they followed through, like everybody has been saying You have to follow through. It’s not about rules, and rules, and rules. You have to follow through.

So, please guys, don’t encourage, don’t be an enabler. Please unfollow accounts that you know will not better your life, if you don’t learn anything from it.

It’s been great talking about it. I hope you all bring that energy next week. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank to Chakiki_foodempire as well. We would announce the winner as well on social media. Same time, next week Friday at The Good Citizen Show, on Inspiration FM 5:30pm. Catch us on social media at

Have a blessed weekend. God bless you all for calling. Take care. Bye Bye

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