Who We Are

The Good Citizen was launched during the 4th Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Conference at Abuja on the 19th of November, 2015, with Yemisi Ransome-Kuti, Professor Wale Omole, and Executive Director & Founder, CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade.

The Good Citizen focuses on value system reorientation through individual interaction.

The goal of The Good Citizen is to promote positive values and good neighbourliness amongst Nigerians through various education and awareness creation.

Our Primary

The Good Citizen focuses on Value System Orientation
driven through Citizen Participation and Solid Partnerships.

Our 5 targeted intervention areas


Responsibility and the Environment


Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Political Re-orientation


Unity, Respect and Equity


Transparency and Accountability

Our Vision is One Nigeria

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Who is a
Good Citizen

A Good Citizen:

  • respects others and their property
  • is helpful and considerate; willing to put others first without need for gratification
  • is a public servant, not a public tyrant
  • believes in One Nigeria, despite tribe or creed.
  • is honest and responsible

Our Partners


I really want to thank ACT Foundation for sponsoring the Good Citizen Radio Show. This show is something great, and the impact of this programme is far reaching and its helping people to change their mindset. I encourage people to listen to the show because I feel that there is something to gain from listening.


This isn't just another talk show. Much more than that! It can easily become a ' think tank' to be reckoned with if handled with diligence and wisdom. Inherent in it is a force that will not easily be ignored by any serious minded policy makers in tenor too far future.

Vernatius Ndeh

Wonderful! Your efforts inspire people in ways you may not even realise.

Senan MurraySenior Manager, Communications, Total Plc

I really love your show and commitment to development


I commend you on your programme, I can say that I’m becoming addicted to your programme. I find myself tuning in to listen to your programme whenever I’m driving


The children loved and appreciated the special "Good Citizen Talk" focusing on Honesty and are looking forward to another reading session.

Ufoma Emerhor-AshogbonCEO, Fair Life Africa Foundation

God bless the initiator of this life-changing outreach

Louisa Ayuba

Our partnership for the Good Citizen Initiative is one that inspires behaviourial changes amongst Nigerians.

Ms. Osayi AlileCEO, ACT Foundation