2019 Civil Society Organisation Professionalism, Effectiveness and Therapy (CSO-CPET) workshop

2019 Civil Society Organisation Professionalism, Effectiveness and Therapy (CSO-CPET) workshop

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  • August 21, 2019
  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • +234-9062634111

The Civil Society Organisation Professionalism, Effectiveness and Therapy workshop is one of the numerous initiatives designed by Access Bank in partnership with CSR-in-Action to actualise its capacity building goal amongst stakeholders in particular non-profits and civil society organisations.  Initiated in 2016, with the aim of building capacity and promoting excellence amongst civil society groups, inspiring and driving professional ethics in the business operations of CSOs  and creating new solutions to the prevalent challenges faced by private organisations in seeking partnership with CSOs, a number of themes which includes: report proposal and grant writing, project monitoring and evaluation, collaboration: organising an effective community outreach amongst other have been espoused upon in the course of the 8th different series of hosting the programme.

Governance is a key organisational issue and managers are continually faced with leadership responsibilities and constantly have to make, revise, or change decisions in order to advance their organisational goals and targets. Because of a more and more complex and fast paced environment, governance cannot be mainly focused on control but must also cover leadership and commitment to support an agile approach. These are some of the reasons why the theme ‘governance and decision making’ was chosen as the theme for the current C-PET training. Essentially, to equip participants with knowledge of how good governance policies and practices help them gain traction amongst stakeholders as well as acquaint them with a variety of leadership and decision-making issues to help both managers and staff of CSOs take the right level of responsibility and identify accountability concerns in different situations and contexts all designed to actualise their goals and promote civil society excellence.

The C-PET training which is currently in its 9th series has witnessed participation from about  400 civil society organisations on various far-reaching initiatives with diverse partners from world-class firms, including PwC, Total and Nigerian Breweries. The training is free and available to registered CSOs and NGOs in Nigeria.

The C-PET training is fully supported by Access Bank.