CSR-in-Action Consulting: The first AA1000 Assurance Licensed Provider in Nigeria

CSR-in-Action, Nigeria’s premier, independent ethical action network for collective social responsibility has once again broken new ground by becoming the first AA1000 Assurance Certified organisation in Nigeria.
As part of its consultancy services, CSR-in-Action now offers full Assurance services – in addition to advisory and reporting services – in line with the AA1000 Assurance Standard, which is the generally acceptable and applicable standard for assessing, attesting to, as well as strengthening the credibility and quality of organisations’ sustainability reporting, and their underlying processes, systems and competencies.
The AA1000 provides guidance on key elements of the assurance process based on the institutional competency of the organisation. This is particularly crucial as the credibility of a Report’s assurance relies on the Assurance Provider’s competencies, independence and impartiality, as well as the use of appropriate standards.
CSR-in-Action is committed to making advances towards fulfilling their mandate to become the one-stop, fit-for-purpose sustainability partner for all stakeholders. This license therefore serves as testament to the fact that with CSR-in-Action, you’ll get an independent and impartial assurance report in line with global best practices; a standard that has always been adhered to.
An organisation of firsts, this achievement comes fast on the heels of CSR-in-Action being awarded the GRI Certified Trainer status as a standalone entity, coupled with their confirmation as Organisational Stakeholder earlier in the year.
In a statement, Chief Executive Officer, CSR-in-Action Consulting, Bekeme Masade-Olowola said, “We’re constantly building capacity to drive collective action and global best practices in Nigeria, particularly in the growing field of sustainability.  We are by far the most experienced organisation in this field and can now offer more cost-effective solutions to Nigerian clients.”
CSR-in-Action is the publisher of the annual Collective Social Investment Report and the 3C-index, showcasing company’s efforts in sustainability in Nigeria. The annual Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) conference is also one of its flagship projects bringing together industry leaders to forge a path for innovation and sustainable development.