Download a copy of the CES Adoption Form

Benefits of adopting the CES

  • Be a pioneer taking bold steps to be inclusive
  • Mitigate extreme conflict when the CES guidance is followed through properly, including expertly addressing social, governance and environmental issues
  • Join in making communities and government agencies equally more accountable and process-driven
  • Enjoy better returns on investment
  • Stem the tide of social vices like infrastructural vandalism and theft
  • Foster peace, progress and prosperity for all stakeholders in the sector
  • Contribute to peaceful socioeconomic and political environment
  • Increase local and foreign investment in the sector
  • Nurture and advance understanding and mutually beneficial relationships amongst stakeholders
  • Contribute to sustainable development of the nation
  • Receive recognition both locally and internationally, through dedicated press
  • Stand a chance to be a pioneer of the Stakeholder Implementation Committee.

CES adoption form