Entrepreneurship for Non-profits


15 December, 2016

Timothy Ikhide, Management consultant, Mitwork Limited 

Deremi AtandaExecutive Director, SystemSpecs 

The Entrepreneurship for Non-profits: Developing a Sustainability Mindset training held on Thursday, 15th December, 2016, after three successful workshops in the series as follows: Finance, Budgeting and Bookkeeping for Non-profit Organisations; Report, Proposal and Grant Writing; and Brand and Communication Management. The feedback from participants at previous trainings necessitated this entrepreneurship course, to help CSOs position themselves to effectively, efficiently, and successfully carry out their mandate, while remaining relevant for years to come.

To excel in the quality of the workshop, and provide world class training to participants, we searched out seasoned professionals with proven track record in their fields to include Timothy Ikhide, an entrepreneur and renowned public speaker in the area of strategy and development; and ‘Deremi Atanda, a trained IT professional, and Executive Director, SystemSpecs. The training, therefore, addressed key issues identified by CSOs present as follows:

  1. CSOs are often perceived as entities set up to acquire funds that will only be diverted into personal funds;
  2. CSOs are not set up to be self-sufficient because they do not have the right strategies in place to compete in the corporate world;
  3. CSOs are not value-driven Organisations, and are usually established as a lender of last resort when other business endeavours fail.