Collaboration – Organising a Successful Community Outreach


22 February, 2018

Mr. Olusesan Samuel-Kayode, Team Lead Training and Advocacy, Freedom Foundation

Mr. Michael Sunbola, President and Founder Lagos Food Bank Initiative

The theme of the workshop was ‘Collaboration: Organising an Effective Community Outreach’ and featured participants from different civil society organisations and different parts of the country. There were two sessions and two facilitators to anchor each session.

The training once again demonstrated Access Bank’s commitment to promoting excellence and professionalism amongst civil society organisations and ultimately contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

The training featured dual sessions. Both sessions were deep and interactive as they were effortlessly delivered by both facilitators who had depth of knowledge and experience in implementing community outreaches. The modules for the training were developed based on careful research by the facilitators and the CSR-in-Action team on components of effective community outreach, based on globally accepted standards and also factored in the peculiarity of the Nigerian context.

The first facilitator, Mr. Samuel Kayode, took participants through topics including what a community outreach is, community protocols, prioritising and mapping community stakeholders and designing an effective community outreach – tools, impact measurement, etc. The second facilitator, Mr. Michael Sunbola, espoused key concepts and ideologies required for forging robust collaboration between NGOs and the private and public sectors to ensure that community outreaches are successful, and his topics covered implementing community outreach strategies, strengthening delivery through effective collaboration and conducting postoutreach evaluation.

Both facilitators cited real life examples and experiences accrued from conducting community outreaches all over the country. They also cited case studies of both successful and failed community outreaches by different organisations, pinpointing reasons for the success or failure of the outreaches. There was enough room for questions and answers with the facilitators proferring candid and insightful response to each question. Upon conclusion of the training, a certificate was given to each participant.