Brand and Communication Management


18 November, 2016

Brian Anigbo, Manager, – Creative Strategy, Zenera Consulting 

Soromidayo George, Director, Corporate Affairs, Unilever 

Tosin MfonCorporate Communications, Access Bank 

CSR-in-Action Consulting is Nigeria’s foremost and expert partner in developing and integrating sustainable business strategies to create shared value, increase economic viability, ensure environmental responsibility, and promote social accountability.

The 3rd in the series of trainings – and the 2nd in 2016 – the Brand and communication Management training held on Friday, 18th November, 2016, to educate the representatives of the CSOs on the technical skills required to build its brand for value creation and to enhance corporate and communication. The training was designed to furnish CSOs with the right media tools and techniques to drive and promote their cause and presence online.

In light of this, it was crucial that participants be exposed to seasoned professionals in the person of Soromidayo George, Meka Olowola and Amaechi Okobi, who have unmatched competency in this regard. Obviously delighted by the opportunity, the 47 participants, identified several matters which are summarised below:

  1. CSOs face challenges in pushing out their brands positively to the public, and find it hard to convert publicity into value for their organisations
  2. CSOs have hitherto shied away from the use of brand materials because the impact on their brand narrative, as well as on their activities to their activities and operations, has been unclear
  3. CSOs have also struggled with building a brand identity that speaks to the vision, mission and focus areas of the organisation