Why become a volunteer?
Why not? You will get immense satisfaction from doing something that is not necessarily financially rewarding but conscience and soul gratifying. Here are a few reasons why you should become a volunteer.

The world needs you:

You may find this hard to believe but it is indeed a true fact when you take time out to look at what is happening in the world today. The Haitian earthquake, the Jos crisis? Remember the Bomb explosion of 2004 where relatives lost their lives and there was the need for mass assistance? Moving away from the gorier events, think about abandoned babies in small orphanages with inadequate staffing. Think about children in rural communities who may need volunteers to train them on the newly donated computers.

You are more important than you think you are so take charge!

Career path definition:

Volunteering can help you gain experience in an area of expertise, which may have been harder for you to break in had you been seeking paid employment. You may be an experienced jobber who wants to try your hand at something new. Whatever the case, volunteering is a good opportunity to gain experience that you may otherwise be unlikely to get.


Use the opportunity to make friends and business contacts that may provide you with that life changing opportunity in an uncharged atmosphere. Meeting people in this type of environment promotes a feeling of goodwill amongst parties as nobility of character is taken as a given.

*Volunteer Opportunities





To volunteer with us any of these initiatives, please send a mail with the subject VOLUNTEER to info@csr-in-action.org

Community Engagement Standards

We developed the first Community Engagement Standards to ensure smooth and effective interactions between oil and companies and their host communities. The standards, when adopted, will aid in the reduction of oil theft and oil loss from refineries.

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