CSR-in-Action Advocacy is the not-for-profit arm of CSR-in-Action, which is the foremost organisation in Nigeria dealing with sustainability strategy development and sustainability reporting.
In a bid to drive the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria, CSR-in-Action Advocacy aims to influence decisions that will advance sustainability and collective social consciousness in Nigeria, and our work spans both the private and public spheres

Our focus areas include; good governance advocacy, collective action advocacy and corporate sustainability advocacy.

To be the one-stop, fit-for-purpose partner of all stakeholders, driving collective social action in Africa towards creating sustainable shared value.

To redefine the sustainability terrain in Africa, through collaborative strategies with stakeholders in order to attain unprecedented levels of corporate governance, workplace ethics and sustainable philanthropy.

With our special tools we help buisnesses to communicate their sustainability aspiration
Newsletter 87%
Special Campaigns 85%
Special reports 83%
Social Media 90%
Periodic events 90%

We are an organisation of firsts...

We have taken the bulls by the horn


private sector member in Nigeria

First indigenous company

to be awarded the GRI certified trainer status as a standalone entity

First social networking platform

 for collective social development activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Publisher of the first ever comprehensive publication

 on the nation’s sustainable development report titled The Collective Social Investment Report: Nigeria; a detailed encyclopaedia of the sustainability activities of the private and public sectors in Nigeria

Premier organiser

 of multi-stakeholder conference on sustainability in the extractive industries (SITEI).

First initiator of sustainability reporting

 in the nation through the world acclaimed Global Reporting Initiative Framework

Secretariat for the premier business coalition

for sustainable development – the Business Coalition for Sustainable Development of Nigeria (BCSDN)

Our core objectives are geared towards:

  • Promoting collective growth in Nigeria, with a view to developing Africa as a continent
  • Driving the achievement of the SDGs
  • Growing a new generation of ethical and socially-consious citizens
  • Providing a one-stop data bank for all related activities
  • Becoming the trusted partner on sustainability initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, community and grassroots development.
Community Engagement Standards

We developed the first Community Engagement Standards to ensure smooth and effective interactions between oil and companies and their host communities. The standards, when adopted, will aid in the reduction of oil theft and oil loss from refineries.

Reports & Publications