Sprinkles of Benevolence

Social media has been agog with many negative stories lately with little or no attention given to acts of benevolence recorded daily. The accident that resulted in the death of two young girls, the now common cases of SARS’ brutality, and the extravagant lifestyle of corporate scammers, flooded various media platforms. Just last week Wednesday, a viral video of a tattooed lady, naked and malnourished, made the rounds on social media. It was reported that the lady by name Ene was dropped off at Ajah from a moving car. While this may sound like a scene from a Nollywood movie, it did happen in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is disheartening to note that passers-by at the scene, while taking pictures and making videos of Ene, allegedly hurled insults at her. The crowd had hastily arrived at the conclusion that Ene was an escort who had been used by dubious men for “money ritual” and as discussed on our show last week, this primitive method of thinking has laid us back as a nation.

While individuals stood there making videos with plans to make the trends table on social media, a kind-hearted Nigerian rose to the occasion and took Ene to the hospital. This act of benevolence was quite herculean as she struggled through a myriad of observers who were reluctant to offer any help and even tried to stop her from moving Ene. This good citizen is Keira Hewatch, an actress, singer, and songwriter who selflessly offered to take Ene to the hospital.

Keira, like the good Samaritan of the Bible, showed compassion to her neighbour. Without thinking of any repercussion for her action, she took a bold step by offering to help Ene. We had an interactive conversation with Keira on the Good Citizen show last week. Watch the recap below.

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