Setting goals for the new year [Transcript]

Host:     Happy New Year! This is Bekeme on the Good Citizen Radio Show. I am blessed and happy to be in the year 2020. God was good to me in 2019 and I am happy to be in 2020 with all my family and friends. It’s been amazing just recounting my blessings one by one and seeing what the good lord has done for me. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas, I hope you enjoyed the remainder of the year from the last time we chatted, I hope you entered the year with a newer, happier mindset because really, in my mind’s eye, how you think is projected into what happens to you. If you think positively, then positive things happen to you. The show is brought to you by CSR-in-Action; CSR-in-Action is an advocacy, consulting and training firm, with an end goal for institutionalizing sustainability within individuals, communities, businesses and within government organizations because basically we know that not one entity can do it themselves. We see the value when different entities work together for a sustainable, national, regional and global progress. The show is funded by ACT Foundation which is a ground-breaking organization established in 2016 to support local, national and regional non-profits working in health, education, entrepreneurship and leadership in the African continent and not just Nigeria alone. They sponsor our show because they believe in our course – to encourage good citizenry and to remind all citizens that we are the makers or destroyers of our destinies whether individual or collective and we must take very conscious steps to make things work for our good.

                This year for obvious reasons we are starting with setting goals for the new year. You can’t enter 2020 and be thinking this is business as usual and be carrying whatever negativity or burden. It is a brand new year, it’s an opportunity for something new, it may not be something new but it is an opportunity to review what you have done so far, to enhance it if possible, to close any gaps if there are – there must be because we can’t be a 110%, we keep on working and working on ourselves. On this first episode, I want to remind us that we have to be intentional in order to do the things that we need to do. It’s that time of the year and chance may include changing or scaling up in your career, taking up a new skill or developing an existing one, finishing that qualification that you started but never ended. I mean, there is one course that I have been wanting to do for two years. I think this course should have a cut-off point because I have had that open for so long and because I know that no one is holding me accountable to it I really haven’t had time to manage it. Now is the opportunity to sit back and round up on anything you haven’t managed to do. A Forbes research show that only 8% of people actually stick to their new year resolutions and achieve their set goals. I also remember that there is this company in Silicon Valley only 25% of people who actually start up with business plans follows through. We make all these plans and don’t necessarily do anything with these plans we do change it this year.

                Experts define goal setting as the act of letting a target or objective that you wish to achieve, whether personal or professional. Goal setting is needed everywhere in our world and in everything that we do. The challenge that we typically have is that we set unrealistic and unachievable goals. You may want to do something, but you don’t actually go through the steps. Be focused, determined and have that plan and follow through. Do you actually want to follow through on the lifestyle that comes with your desire? Are you willing to endure that ugly and boring process that comes before exciting and glamourous outcome? I meet a lot of people who say they see prominent older people in their 80s come out in their expensive clothings and a young person who just finished school says “I am in that same field, I must have what they have.” It doesn’t happen like that. You know there’s a concept called delayed gratification because what often times happen is that if you are not even ready for that outcome you would misuse it. There are people who have been billionaires young and have ended up paupers. I have met people like that, you know and have heard about people like that. It is not just stories; it does happen; It is not all about stories. The first thing to consider when setting a goal is what you want to achieve and then commit to it.  Set SMART goals. We have all heard about it. What my husband often does is, he has a sheet of paper he sticks to the upper part of our wardrobe and this list has like 21 things he wants to do for the year. So be specific, break it down to  things like I want to read this book, I want to buy, and as the year goes by he takes them down one by one and because he has to open the wardrobe every time he wants to get something out, he sees it and he is reminded that this thing needs to be achieved and that’s how he is able to keep himself accountable, and he has me as an accountability partner as well to remind him. Usually there are collective goals he and I would say: What do we want to do for the this particular year? and we work towards it together Remember the popular philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said “if you want to be happy set a goal that commands your thought, liberate your energy an inspire your hopes.” I hope that these things I have said has been able to command your thoughts, liberate your energy and inspire your hope, so that you can write these things down and work through it.

So, we have had people send us voice notes about the things they plan to do. Through the course of the week we have had people send us voice note with their name, what they do and their leadership goal for 2020. Let’s call it VISION 2020, individual VISION 2020 or GC Vision 2020. You are going to listen to these voice notes about the goals. So, we have not selected every goal, we are just playing goals of people that we were inspired by.

We will take that break and we will be right back on the good citizen radio show.


Ladies and gentlemen as expected our 2020 leadership goals campaign received a lot of amazing entries and here are the top entries…

Narrator  If you have stopped to read any of the statistics or articles of goal settings before, you would have read two things:

 (1) people without goals are not as successful as they hope to be

(2) people who don’t write down goals are less likely to accomplish them.

What I have found over 10 years of dream chasing is how important goals are in the grand picture of seeing your dreams comes through. Goals give us momentum to push through the adversity we experience while chasing our dreams.      

VN 1      My name is Kalu Chukwuemeka Micheal and I’m a student.  My leadership goals this year are pretty simple. Recently, I was elected into the Student Union Government and this year I intend not to be an audio leader. I intend to do all the things I promised them in my manifesto and I intend that this year, all the benefits that they have not seen in the Student Union Government, I’m going to fight tirelessly for them I’m going to challenge all the authorities that be just to get the best for them. Thank you.

Narrator This year there was real push about not to set goals as people were sharing how terrible there were last year when they failed to meet their goals or how they never really followed through with achieving them. So, should we even set goals to try to see our dreams come through? YES! The problem of so many people is that they haven’t even set goals which will help them succeed and their inability to follow through because of fear or poor goal creation holds them back, this is why goals fail.

VN 2      My name is Olaseni Oluwadamilola. I am a corp member. One of my leadership goals for 2020 is to train 100 secondary school students on work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship and also I will establish a farm where I can train secondary school students who are willing to go into the agricultural sector about smart farming.

Narrator You have probably heard about the SMART goal system. This is a great system. Infact, when I finally got tired of never achieving my goals I learnt about it and started to see some of my goals achieved and then I leant about the ER in goal setting, specific; sounds pretty simple right? Just write something down that is specific. The question is how specific do you want to be? The answer is, the more specific you be, the easier it will be for you to quantify your result along the way. For example, if you want to lose weight; to be more specific ask yourself how much weight do you want to lose. Better yet, what weight would you like to be at the end of pursuing your goal. A specific goal says this “I will weigh 200pounds’.

VN 3      My name is Saleem Habeeb Olalekan, a 22-year-old student studying Microbiology in The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Here is my entry for 2020 leadership goals. Being the newly elected chairman Organisation Committee of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), the polytechnic Ibadan, firstly, leadership is not just being in position or headed in an office, everybody lead in their life one way or the other but what is essential is growth and relevant development. In 2020 which is my tenure, my ultimate goal is to grow and develop in the 21st century leadership system which we haven’t started in some parts in this nation and acquire those relevant skill to meet up with the global demand. The foremost is to build a committee ready to take up any task. I will develop a leadership of sustainable impact among my committee; a leadership that will bring out the best among my members in such a way that the best in us will be true to the people I and my committee serve as a leader for. Thank you.

Narrator We want to quantify our goals. To make our goals measurable, we need to be able to see progress all the time. So your goal is to write a novel, how do you make it measurable? You would need to make it very specific and measurable by going into more detail which you can track. A specific goal for writing a novel is, I would complete writing a 50000-word novel.      

VN 4      I am Prince Chukwuemeka Okoye, a student of Imo state University and these are my leadership goals for the year 2020. Firstly, I plan on having a clear vision. I also plan on setting a realistic and achievable goal. I hope to humble myself to learn from any and everyone. I will not be afraid of making mistakes and I will try to curtail them. Also, I will try to be a better friend, role model and leader. I have sat down and carefully taken note of my mistakes in 2019 and I hope to improve on them. In my own little way, I hope to influence people positively and be an agent of positive change.

Narrator Every goal should be actionable in terms of getting somewhere. However, when writing goals we are talking about writing it as an action. A goal is actionable when it is completely cleared as to when an action needs to be taken to accomplish it. A simple way to make your goal actionable is to begin with a verb. For instance, I would read 24 books.

VN 5      My name is Ifere Rohama. I am a sociopreneur and I am a co-founder of Volunteers Connect – an initiative that bridges the gap between organisations and volunteers. I am a leader that understands the need to continuous learning and progressive change.  leadership is all about influence, change and progress. So, to this end my leadership goal for 2020 through Volunteers Connect is to prioritise the people within, by this I mean volunteers in Volunteers Connect. In my 2 and half years of volunteering professionally, I understand that for major impact to occur in organizations in out reaches, volunteers are needed to be able to achieve this. The goal here is to invest in them through periodic trainings in various areas ranging from leadership to skill acquisition to emotional intelligence and other necessary areas. Then second is to put in place measures to ensure, guarantee and improve the recognition of volunteers and this would be done through adequate compensation and reward system geared towards sustaining their passion. I am fully convinced these goals will contribute positively to creating change in volunteerism and also help to implement the SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Host       So I hope you listened and were motivated to write your own voice note. As I was listening, I was just thinking, is my plan for 2020 good enough? But I think it is, even though I am not giving you specifics because I can’t give you expo but broadly, I can share with you five major things I would do this year

  • One is, I would consciously pursue a blue ocean strategy, so the blue ocean strategy is a strategy where you consciously innovate in a field and at the same time simultaneously keep the product or service cheap. It’s something I have always done with CSR in action, I always thought I am not here to compete with anybody, the space is big enough for those who want to pursue sustainability and CSR advocacy, consulting and training. We have always started off with new things and I am going to be more conscious with my team about pursuing what I found out is called the blue ocean strategy.
  • I am also going to look out for more opportunities for industrial and individual symbiosis. I would look for people who I can benefit from and who can benefit from the things that I do so that we have more holistic impact. So it’s not just about me, it’s about me and them. The SDG 17, the sustainable development goals for the world is partnership for development in achieving all the goals, as the aim is to eradicate poverty in the world; the more we work together the closer we get in achieving that.
  • I am also going to network more strategically. In the past I didn’t go anywhere. I used to just want to work behind the scenes. I had all these plans and I just wanted to do it behind the system with my team. In 2019, having listed to feedback because I do listen to people, I realised I do need to come out more because there are opportunities you can meet the right people, learn from the right people, you can impact even the right people even more importantly. But then I think that I over did it and I became drained from all of these things, accepting to be at all of these events so I ended 2019 having achieved a lot but I was also very drained mentally. So I’m going to do it a lot more strategic now by carefully selecting the things I need to involve myself in.
  • I am also going to be more patient with people who are less able in whatever way. A long-lost native name of mine is NDIDI and it actually means patience. Patience is something I have always struggled with because I want thigs to happen fast and I have managed to quell that in many areas of my life but when it comes to certain areas I still think that there is certain work to be done especially when it comes with my expectations of individuals. I am going to listen to people more, I am going to be more patient, I am going too not judge as quickly and I am not going to show my impatience as well. As a leader people have high expectations of you and I am going to try to live up to that.
  • Finally, I am just generally going to love people more. Many time you meet a people and they acted in a certain way and you take it personal not realising that they acted in a way because of something else that has happened may be just before they met you or in their history. I am going to be more patient; you know what the bible says about soft words turning away wrath. I am going to try to do that. Those are my five leadership goals for 2020, please hold me accountable if you think that I haven’t kept to my word.

We are going to go on a short break and be right back on the good citizen radio show.


VN 6      My name is Ademola Oluwabukola, I am a student, a serial volunteer and an event decorator. My leadership goals for 2020 are reaching out to more communities and children through my volunteering work  attending more leadership conference, using more of my listening skills in 2020, having positive influence on anybody I come across by being their silent chain leader and using my listening skill. Most especially, I refuse to be selfish with opportunity, advice, complement and help in 2020. These are my leadership goals for 2020. Thank you.

Narrator Every goal needs a deadline, why? So you are forced to take action in a time frame in the deadline, simply saying you would do something isn’t good enough. you need to say when you would complete it, this way you would need to mark your path to success. Otherwise you will always have the goal but never have the urgency to accomplish it.              

VN 7      My name is Tejuko Moses, I am an entrepreneur and sales executive. Here are my top leadership goals for the year 2020. Number one, I want to learn from other leaders, I want to work to build my skills, believe that I am a leader and take up more confidence, share my ideas, treat other leaders with respect, be a mentor or a role model and finally leadership is not about what you do but who you are.

Narrator Evaluate! When it comes to your goals you need to regularly evaluate your progress, when I ask people how often they look at their goals, they say a few times over the year. This is why people fail at their goals, I evaluate my goals every month and every week I read them, this helps me to remember what I am trying to do and make sure I take action every week. If there is anything you do differently about your goals, this should be it.

VN 8      My name is Otubong Samuel, I am a teacher. My 2020 leadership goals are summarised into the three Cs. The first C is character, I want to be morally upright and be transparent in my work ethics. The second C is for competence, I want to engage in personal development through workshop and training. The third C is for courage, I want to do what is right even when its unpopular.

Narrator Reward! Every goal and milestone need a reward. We love getting something for a job well done and when we are working towards our dreams this little earned items help us to celebrate and get us ready for the next step. Here is an example of a reward of paying of debt. Pay of debt by December the 31st, buy one thing for 100 dollar you will never buy for yourself.          

VN 9 : I am Seyi Ebenezer, a writer and student at Federal University of Oyo-Ekiti, Ekiti State. I have discovered that before anybody can achieve any goal at all he must be disciplined enough to lead himself. Hence, my 2020 goal circles around the development of a high level of self discipline by reading leadership books and attending leadership seminars. 2020 comes with double figures, hence the note double effectiveness of achievement of leadership goals. God bless Nigeria.

Narrator You may have really struggled with goals before and if you are like me, you might have even failed all of the goals u set yourself for the year but this doesn’t have to be true of you anymore. “You can’t go back to and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ~ C.S Lewis. I love this quote because it reminds me how much the goals we set for ourselves no matter our age or stage in life will help us change our story in the end.                      

VN 10    My name is Tolulope Oyebade, I am into cake and desert, here are my leadership gals for 2020. To be a leader it takes a lot of work, for it requires commitment, balance and understanding. As a leader, I must be very effective, I must be creative most especially with the kind of work I’m into – cake and desert – I must be creative, I must be able to motivate other employees, other fellow colleagues, I must set up a goal strategy for the year with hard work, focus and God’s grace definitely, I will achieve a very good goal throughout the year.

Host:     Dear GCs, welcome back to the Good Citizen Radio Show I hope you enjoyed listening to those entries, weren’t you motivated for a brighter, more focused 2020? It is not too late if you haven’t written your goals, you can put them down. I hope this truly has inspired you to think about things that you hadn’t thought about, and I hope that we all going to be able to think about the little ways that we can put our hands towards making Nigeria great again. Having listen to that and having shortlisted from a large number down to that which we played, we have our final 5 winners, and our winners of the 2020 leadership goals contest are:

  • Otubong Samuel
  • Ademola Oluwabukola
  • Ifere Rohama
  • Olaseni Oluwadamilola
  • Kalu Chukwemeka Micheal

Congratulations guys! Thank you for taking out time to send in your entries. Thank you to every single person who took time out to send us your voice notes, we would reach out to the winners on social media and via the numbers that you shared with us. We might just extend this contest as it really generated a lot of interest. Many people have fired up a plan for 2020 more strategically and we just might continue so if you do have any compelling leadership goals that you think you want to share with us, please go ahead and share with us during the course of the week, I will come back to you next week.

You have been listening to the Good Citizen Radio Show. we are on every Friday 8pm on Inspiration FM – your number one family radio show. The show is brought to you by CSR-in-Action, funded by ACT Foundation and please continue to have this conversation with us on social media handles @goodcitizenng on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Send us messages, ask us any questions that you want. I am Bekemeo in Instagram and Bekeme Olowola on Facebook and Twitter do send me a message.

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