CSR-in-Action is a conglomerate of 3 sustainability driven businesses; Consulting, Training and Advocacy. Our mission is to to redefine the sustainability terrain in Africa, through collaborative strategies with stakeholders aimed at attaining higher levels of corporate governance, workplace and sustainable philanthropy.

CSR-in-Action Consulting

CSR-in-Action Consulting is an African-focused consultancy delivering long-term value to corporate entities through pioneering and bespoke sustainability strategies, networking, performance management, ethics infusion and corporate character development.

CSR-in-Action Advocacy

CSR-in-Action is Africa’s foremost independent ethical action network. As advocates of collective responsibility towards superior social values, we are devoted to the advancement of social ethics, social responsibility and corporate governance in Africa.

CSR-in-Action College of Sustainable Citizenship

The College of Sustainable Citizenship (CSC) is the Leadership and Citizenship development arm of CSR-in-Action, West Africa’s foremost independent ethical action network and consultancy for collective social responsibility and corporate governance with member-organisations from the business and civil societies.


Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Conference

The SITEI conference is a meeting of industry captains in Nigeria to chart a course for the sustainable development of the extractive industries. Through the years, we have experienced a steady growth in capacity and scope with more key players showing keen interest and we continue to build on this by engaging potential stakeholders.

The Collective Social Investment Report: Nigeria (CSIR)

The CSIR is the first ever applied research and compilation on the sustainability practices of businesses in Nigeria. With the mandate of the CSIR to foster the adoption of best practices by providing cogent comparative reports on the sustainability approach of organisations in Nigeria (and West Africa), the CSIR is a one-stop shop for summarised information on companies’ practices along people, planet and profit lines

The Good Citizen

The Good Citizen was launched at the 4th Sustainability in the Extractive Industries Conference in Abuja in 2015 to drive collective action towards responsible citizenship. With a vision of ‘One Nigeria’, we are making the necessary effort to promote positive values and good neighbourliness amongst Nigerians through various education and awareness creation.